The development of social infrastructure in the rural territories of Mykolayiv region

UDC 364.48:332.3:631(477.73)

S. Pavliuk

Subject. In the article the essence of social infrastructure of rural territories was considered. The peculiarities and tendencies of development of rural infrastructure were cleared up. The current state of social infrastructure development of rural areas of Mykolayiv region was analyzed, and the number of problems was defined. The suggestions on increasing the efficiency of functioning of social infrastructure of rural territories were made.
Purpose. The aim of the article is to assess the features and trends of infrastructure development in rural territories, as well as identify directions for solution of problems of social infrastructure development in rural territories of Mykolayiv region.
Research methods. In the research process the author used methods of economic researches assisting to the achievement of the most systematic and truthful results. The system approach and summing up were used in the research of theoretical basis of social infrastructure of rural areas. The statistic analysis was applied for determinations assess and trends of social infrastructure development.
Research results. It was determined that the social infrastructure has a significant impact on social and economic development of society. It is necessary for the reproduction of labor force and increase of labor productivity of people employed in production. The underdeveloped social infrastructure in rural areas is one of the main causes of low standard of living and, as a consequence, an outflow of the rural population and the overall aging and accelerates the migration of residents from small villages.
Economic and social processes that took place in Mykolayiv region for the past years, has led to deepening problems of social and economic development in rural areas, especially for social infrastructure in villages.
Results application sphere. In the article the conclusions and proposals of research have practical meaning and can be used as a base for solution of important social problems of rural communities in Mykolayiv region.

Keyword: infrastructure, social infrastructure, financial resources, living standards, rural territories, territorial communities.

The development of social infrastructure in the rural territories of Mykolayiv region.

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Issue 3 (95), 2017