Issue 4 (96), 2017


3. V. Shebanin, Yu. Kormyshkin.  Role of enterprise in formation territorial communities.
12. N. Sirenko. Intellectual capital in the system of scientific and educational providing of the agrarian economy.
25. O. Lazarieva. Key aspects of agro-tourism development in Ukraine.
36. I. Honcharenko, N. Shvedova, O. Kuzmin, R. Logvinenko. Expression of export features of the region by supported International Trade Center.
44. A. Kravchenko. The current state of the exchange stock market of Ukraine.
52. M. Domaskina, V. Gursky. Modeling the investment strategy of agricultural enterprises.
62. E. Bylim, E. Dernovaya. Investigation of main features of health tourism in Ukraine.


72. L. Antipova, V. Vasileva. Forming the productivity of a mixture of corn and soya for green fodder, depending on the method of sowing and weather conditions.
81. V. Palamarchuk, O. Kovalenko. Influence of sowing terms on the level of pre-harvesting seed moisture of corn hybrids.
89. V. Bushilov, T. Samoilenko. Impact on the terms grafting on rootings hardwood cuttings clonal rootstocks Pumiselect.
98. O. Yeremenko, L. Pokoptseva. Creation of the ranked row for the different hybrids of sunflower cultivated in the conditions of the steppe of Ukraine.
108. L. Patreva, V. Groza, O. Starodubets, O. Koval. Economic efficiency of using preparation “Argenvit” in incubation of quails eggs.
115. S. Kramarenko, N. Kuzmichova, A. Kramarenko. Modelling of the lactation curves in dairy cattle on the basis of Principal Component Analysis (PCA).
126. A. Lykhach, V. Lykhach. Method of increasing productivity and preservation of piglets. 
133. S. Galimov. Effect of long-term manufacturing use for the change of quality indicators of sperm produation.
141. A. Borshch, A. Borshch. Influence of high temperatures on heat resistance, clinical and energy parameters of cows in different versions without attachment keeping.
150. E. Zaitsev. Features of heritable signs of milk yield by daughters of Holstein breed cows.
158. A. Pogorelova. Influence of gender and pedigree affiliation of the rabbits on growth and development of specialized meat breed.


168. O. Kyrychenko, I. Sidorika, D. Marchenko.  Electrothermal analysis of elements of the educational and research laboratory stand of the electrotechnical laboratory.
177. L. Bugrim, I. Bilyuk, S. Gavrilov, A. Kurgan. The system of the optimal regulation of the hot-dip galvanizing process.
185. A. Zhydkov.  Use of modern magnetometry methods for defectoscopy of technical objects.
194. А. Zubiekhina-Khaiia. Modeling the process of thread and screw rolling by rolls.
202. I. Zamorska.  Improving the vitamin value of frozen pureed mixtures.

Editorial Board Issue 4 (96), 2017