Key aspects of agro-tourism development in Ukraine

UDC 338.48

O. Lazarieva, PhD (Doctor of Economic Sciences), Associate Professor of Land Management Department,
Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University

Improving competitiveness of agricultural using and strengthening its resource potential over knowledge-based economy is a strategic task for Ukraine during the period of 2020.
The article aims to justify the theoretical and methodological foundations and conception for development of agro-tourism.
Research of author is executed on the basis of actual materials and literaryresources that touch the problems of development of agro-tourism. One of methods of research of these problems is monographic.
Article analysis approaches to the definition of the terms «agro-tourism», «agro-eco-tourism».Discovered meaning of «cluster» in a sphere of agro-tourism.
Elements of structure of«agro-tourism» are analysed in the research.
Presented spheres of «agro-tourism», their value is exposed.
Experience of agro-tourism is analysed in foreign countries.The expediency of diversification of economic activities within the rural areas, as a key requirement and a powerful source of economic stability and improvement of the quality of life in rural areas, creating large numbers of new jobs, harmony between man and nature is substantiated.
Regional characteristics of agricultural production were analyzed.
The author proved that cluster approach, which activates the conversion of agricultural production to diversified economic sphere, significantly influence the efficiency of land utilization is cluster approach.
The article proved that the strategic elements of the land tenure system diagnostics enable them to adapt to the environment.
In the future, further research is the monitoring of implementation of regional land use strategy for better management of land use.
The results of the article could be used by agricultural organizations, subjects of agricultural management for substantiation of territorial development programs, local authorities and other agricultural subjects.

Keyword: agrotourism, “green economy”, agroecofarmsteads, rural tourism, cluster, decentralization.

Key aspects of agro-tourism development in Ukraine.

Issue 4 (96), 2017