Influence of sowing terms on the level of pre-harvesting seed moisture of corn hybrids

UDC 633.15: 631.53.04

V. Palamarchuk, Ph.D. Sciences, Associate Professor
Vinnytsia National Agrarian University
O. Kovalenko, Ph.D. Sciences, Associate Professor
Mykolayiv National Agrarian University

The article presents the results of studying the level of pre-harvest humidity of grain of maize hybrids at the application of early, medium and late sowing dates on the experimental fields of the Department of Plant Production at Vinnytsa NAU in condition of the Pravoberezhnyy Forestry Steppe Zone, and also reviewed the influence of weather conditions in different years of observation on these data. The given analysis of the pre-harvest humidity of the crop’s grain makes it possible to ascertain the influence on it not only different groups of mature hybrids, meteorological conditions, but also the terms of sowing which are due to different levels of temperature regime of the soil at the depth of seeding. It has been proved that the use of earlier sowing dates led to a better moisture transfer of grain and a lower moisture index at the time of harvesting the crop. The level of these factors was influenced not only by the climatic conditions of the year and the elements of agrotechnics, but also by such features as the number of wings on the swinging and linear grain sizes. It has been established that delaying with the terms of sowing leads to an increase in the number of wings of cabbage in hybrids of all groups of maturation. It has also been noted that the level of pre-harvest humidity, of the same maize hybrid, can change substantially depending on the meteorological conditions which occur during the second period of vegetation, namely from flowering to complete grain ripeness.
The use of early sowing terms for corn hybrids will not only optimize the linear seed sizes, but also will reduce the number of grain shells, which is positively reflected in reducing the pre-harvest moisture content of the grain by 2.1-6.8% compared with the late sowing terms.

Keyword: corn, hybrids, terms of sawing, moisture content of grain, grain size, wrappers of cobs.

Influence of sowing terms on the level of pre-harvesting seed moisture of corn hybrids.

Issue 4 (96), 2017