Economic efficiency of using preparation “Argenvit” in incubation of quails eggs

UDC 636.5(075.8)

V. Groza,
O. Koval

Food market of Ukraine has been an increasing demand for quails production which connected, first of all, with the taste characteristics of meat and eggs, if we will compared with chickens, ease of maintenance and feeding, the expiration date of quail eggs in comparison with chickens, the payback period and the amount of investment.
One of the important elements of poultry production is compliance with the sanitary condition of the premises, incubator, products and the prevention of the formation of pathogenic and opportunistic microflora. Most disinfectants have high activity. But they have a short term of work, in some cases – carcinogenicity, high corrosion effects on equipment, hydrolysis and, in this connection, low communicative.
Therefore, application of preparations based on nanosilver in the production conditions of poultry enterprises is a promising area of research.
The purpose of our work was to conduct an analysis of the economic efficiency of used preparation nanosilver «Argenvit» during the incubation of quails eggs.
For determine the effect of the preparation «Argenvit» on the results of the incubation of quails eggs, were formed four groups of eggs: control (non-treated eggs), first, second, third (eggs treated with the preparation) with concentration 0,1%, 0,2 %, 0,3%.
The used of a colloidal solution of silver nanoparticles in demineralised water of the preparation «Argenvit» during the disinfection of quails eggs for incubation has a positively affects the outbreak of young quails, which is 61,7-66,1%, and it is higher than in the control group on 1,0-5,4%.
The best result in terms of the outbreak of young quails was obtained in the first experimental group, whose disinfection of eggs was carried out in a 0,1% solution of the preparation was – 66,1%, which more than in the second and third experimental groups on 0,8-4,4%.
The use of 0,02% solution of the preparation «Argenvit» during the incubation according to the scheme: aerosol treatment of eggs at the 1st and 15th days of incubation, has a positive effect on the results on incubation of the quails eggs and on the indicators of economic efficiency. The output of day-old quails is increased by 48 goals, which contributes to an increase in profits on 184,00 UAH and an increase in the profitability of the production of day-old quails on 12,64%.

Keyword: quails, incubation, nanosilver, eggs, disinfection, profit.

Economic efficiency of using preparation “Argenvit” in incubation of quails eggs.

Issue 4 (96), 2017