Intellectual capital in the system of scientific and educational providing of the agrarian economy

UDC 347.77:631.15

N. Sirenko, Doctor of Economics, Professor
Mykolaiv National Agrarian University

Further socio-economic development of Ukraine depends on the systemic ability to meet the requirements of the information and industrial society. The agrarian sector is characterized by the unhindered formation of a system of coordinated interaction of commodity producers, the state, scientific organizations in the creation of innovations, and, accordingly, is sensitive to the formation and development of intellectual capital.
Given that fundamental research is a theoretical and methodological basis of applied, combined with their long-term and often commercial nature, it has been proven that they should be the subject of public administration and financial support.
It is established that the disclosure of the essence of scientific activity through intellectual creative activity in conjunction with scientific, pedagogical, scientific and technical and scientific and organizational is justified as it allows to direct research to reveal the peculiarities of intellectual creative activity and to determine the main directions of its implementation. The scientific activity is structured, based on certain requirements.
It is proved that the public model of innovation development can be formed only on condition of unity of interests of the state and business structures; employers and employees.
An important constructive link in the system of three main components of the innovative development of the agrarian sector of the economy of Ukraine – “agrarian science-agrarian education-agro-industrial production” – identified the innovative development of agrarian education and university science, which substantiates the main directions of their reform. Overcoming obstacles to the innovative development of Ukrainian society can be ensured through scientific and educational breakthroughs. It is established that a key prerequisite for strengthening the innovation of Ukrainian society is the creation by the state of conditions and opportunities for raising the level of education of the population.

Keyword: intellectual capital, human capital, intellectual property, scientific and educational providing, agrarian economy.

Intellectual capital in the system of scientific and educational providing of the agrarian economy.

Issue 4 (96), 2017