Features of heritable signs of milk yield by daughters of Holstein breed cows

UDC 636.2:636.082.4

E. Zaitsev

The presence of various factors of influence on breeding grounds, depending on the genetic potential of livestock breeds and the productivity of herds, determines the systematic and concreteness of assessing the inheritance of the signs.
As a result of the conducted researches it was established that from the cows-mothers of this level of daughters is received with different productivity. Most of the daughters in terms of breastfeeding prevail over their mothers, with the exception of groups with a tune of «8554-9372» and «>9373». There is a phenomenon where the hereditary quality of the uterus does not manifest itself in the next generation, despite the fact that they are mating with the highly valuable buds-pedigrees. However, the descendants obtained from cows with a level of milking «<8553» are better in terms of performance than their mothers. The comparative analysis was also found that the daughters with a high milk yield of 929 kg(P>0.99) were compared with the mothers with the highest amount of milking in the group «>9373». This indicates that at a higher level of support for cows, the genetic potential of productivity appears more clearly.
Confirmation of this tendency is to determine the coefficients of inheritance. They characterize the influence of mothers on the share of the hereditary component in the phenotypic variability of the characteristics of the studied population. It was established high, middle and low stages of inheritance of the signs of milk production of Holstein breed animals.
Consequently, it was revealed patterns of inheritance of the signs of milk productivity indicate the possibility of effective selection for mass selection of cows with high productivity.

Keyword: cows, mothers, daughters, sign, correlation, heritableness.

Features of heritable signs of milk yield by daughters of Holstein breed cows.

Issue 4 (96), 2017