O. Pavliuchenko, N. Bondar, Y. Sots’ka. Fortification of pancakes with high protein lupine flour.

UDC 664.683.7

O. S. Pavliuchenko
N. P. Bondar
Y. D. Sots’ka
D.V Lysenko

Annotation. In the contemporary restaurant business specific attention is paid to the choice of cooking direction. The centuries-old traditions, culture and likes of Ukrainians caused a large percentage of flour products consumption. The most popular among consumers are pancakes, which amino acid contents is not enough balanced, therefore food industry pays much attention to quality improvement and pancakes enrichment with high proteins adding lupine flour to the products. The authors of the article are deeply studying and discovering this issue.

The analyses of the domestic and world experience in fortification of nutritional and biological value of flour products by means of using of non-traditional herbal high-protein raw materials, exactly lupine flour, has been presented in the paper. As far as nowadays at the food products market the seeds of different lupine sorts are widely represented, but also the products of its transformation, as flour, powder and even concentrate.

The perspective of using of lupine flour in technology of flour products and meals was shown. It was proven that lupine flour belongs to unique sources of nutrients as proteins and mineral substances. Usage of lupine flour in the technology of pancakes cooking allows to increase the protein and fat contents in the ready-made products and to decrease the number of carbohydrates at the same time. For the lupine flour one of the characteristic feature is the qualitatively better amino acid contents of proteins, namely unchanged amino acids.

The optimal amount of lupine flour in the in technology of pancakes without worsening of the quality was determined. It was approved in addition to all-above mentioned that lupine seeds are perspective high protein row materials for flour products and that pancakes of the better quality can be made with adding 25% of lupine flour to dough as well.

In conclusion the object of study was distinguished, the given aim was achieved, the materials were fully and deeply elaborated, the necessary conclusions were made.

Keywords: pancakes, lupine, protein, lupine flour, quality of products.