O. V. Shebanina, A. I. Burkovska. Regulation of production capacity of agricultural production on the basis of food security indicators.

UDC 338.121

DOI: 10.31521/2313-092X/2018-3(99)-1

O. V. Shebanina
A. I. Burkovska

Abstract. The article analyzes the state of food security in Ukraine on the basis of its main indicators. The index of self-sufficiency of the state by the main types of food was researched and the conclusion about decreasing of the level of self-sufficiency of Ukraine by such types of food products as milk and dairy products, as well as fruits, berries and grapes among other commodity groups was made. Significant increase in the level of self-sufficiency of Ukraine by groups of goods, the domestic production of which previously did not meet the full volume of consumer needs, which is typical for the production of meat and meat products, as well as potatoes, was fixed. It was made a conclusion on the high level of food independence from imports in Ukraine on the basis of calculated indicators of the capacity of the domestic market of individual products and their comparison with the volumes of imports of the corresponding product groups. The analysis of indicators of the diet value is conducted, which allows us to make a conclusion about the state of satisfaction of the population needs in a balanced set of food products. A more complete description of the adequacy of the diet was obtained by defining indicators of the availability of basic foodstuffs for citizens. The factor model of the grain in the state reserves dependence on the volume of reserving and volumes of domestic consumption of grain by the population is developed. Determination of the level of energy nutrition sufficiency in the average daily diet of the population by regions of Ukraine has been determined and the tendency of reduction of the investigated indicator during the estimated period in all regions of the state has been recorded. The regression analysis of the factors influence on the yield of grain crops is used to assess the efficiency of land and capital use.

Key words: food safety, consumption, production, imports, energy nutrition, food self-sufficiency, capacity of the domestic market, daily average diet of the population.


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