Journal Policy

Aims and tasks of Journal

1. Promoting publication of research results of leading scientists and graduate students, doctoral candidates and competitors for academic degrees.
2. Paying attention to the most relevant, interesting and promising areas of agrarian science and practice.
3. Ensuring the exchange of ideas between researchers from different regions and countries.

The editorial board of the Journal is constantly expanding range of authors, involving scientists from agrarian HEIs, Industrial Research Institutes, experts and heads of agrarian enterprises of Ukraine and abroad.

The analytical materials and research papers which highlight the results of research on the economy, the problems of agrarian sciences and engineering are accepted for the publication.
In order to ensure quality of published materials all items are tested for plagiarism, and only then can be reviewed. Accepted articles for publication are necessary to go through thee editorial process.

MNAU is a founder and publisher of the Scientific Journal, takes the overall responsibility for supervision of research materials which are published in it. We are aware of the responsibility for the proper presentation of research results, including legal and ethical aspects which are set out below.

Publishing policy of the journal and ethical obligations for publication

When developing the regulations of publishing policy of the journal “Ukrainian Black Sea Region Agrarian Science”, the editorial board followed the recommendations of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and the experience of foreign and Ukrainian communities, scientific organizations and publishing editorial boards.

The dominant feature of professional scientific community is acceptance by scientists and specialists the code which fixes the fundamental norms of behavior and duties of the members of community to each other and to the public opinion. The code is determined by the desire for providing the maximal advantage for professional community and to limit the activities serving for egoistical interests of individuals, to provide each author’s intellectual property right.
The electronic resource of Journal has an open mode of access for readers who can use the published materials referring to the Journal and authors.

Scientific journal “Ukrainian Black Sea Region agrarian science” adheres to open access policy.  Full text access in real time to scientific articles of the journal is presented on the official website of the journal.  Electronic versions of articles are placed on the website indefinitely and free of charge immediately after the issue.

 Journal “Ukrainian Black Sea Region agrarian science” is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution International CC-BY Creative Commons Attribution  International CC-BY.  This license provides the possibility of distributing – copying and sharing the information in any form or format;  change – remix, transform, and take the material as a basis for any purpose, even commercial.

Please, let us know about any cases of plagiarism, abuse of power or violation of scientific ethics in publications