Balatsky V.M.

Balatsky V.M., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor

Scopus Author ID: 6503908499
ORCID 0000-0002-6034-3852

Selected Publications:

  1. Kubejko, J., Clop, A., Balatsky, V., Pochernyaev, K., Eghbalsaied, S., & Amills, M. (2017). Mitochondrial DNA variation in Ukrainian wild boars. Animal genetics, 48(6), 725-726. DOI: (Scopus and Web of Science Core Collection)
  2. Balatsky, V., Bankovska, I., Pena, R. N., Saienko, A., Buslyk, T., Korinnyi, S., & Doran, O. (2016). Polymorphisms of the porcine cathepsins, growth hormone-releasing hormone and leptin receptor genes and their association with meat quality traits in Ukrainian Large White breed. Molecular biology reports, 43(6), 517-526. DOI: (Scopus)
  3. Balatsky, V. N., Saienko, A. M., Pena, R. N., Buslyk, T. V., & Gibolenko, O. S. (2015). Genetic diversity of pig breeds on ten production quantitative traits loci. Cytology and Genetics, 49(5), 299-307. DOI: (Scopus).