Lykhach A. V.

Lykhach A. V., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor

ORCID 0000-0002-9150-6730
ResearcherID: D-8757-2018

Selected Publications:

  1. Kramarenko, S. S., Lugovoy, S. I., Kharzinova, V. R., Lykhach, V. Y., Kramarenko, A. S., Lykhach, A. V. (2018). Genetic diversity of Ukrainian local pig breeds based on microsatellite markers, Regulatore mechanisms in biosystems, vol. 9 (2), no. 4 (2018), pp. 177-182. DOI (Web of Science Core Collection).
  2. S. S. Kramarenko, S. I. Lugovoy, V. R. Kharzinova, A. S. Kramarenko, A. V. Lykhach, V. Y. Lykhach (2018). Genetic Polymorphism of Microsatellite Loci and Their Association with Reproductive Traits in Ukrainian Meat Breed Pigs, Cytology and Genetics. – 2018. – Vol. 52. – № 5. – P. 360-367. DOI: (Scopus)