Sirenko N.М.

Sirenko N.М., Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor

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Scopus Author ID: 57190126624
ORCID: 0000-0003-1660-1073
ResearcherID: O-6093-2018

Selected Publications:

  1. Atamanyuk, I., Kondratenko, Yu. and Sirenko, N. (2018). Management System for Agricultural Enterprise on the Basis of Its Economic State Forecasting. DOI: (Scopus).
  2. Atamanyuk, I. P., Kondratenko, Y. P. and Sirenko, N. N. (2016). Forecasting economic indices of agricultural enterprises based on vector polynomial canonical expansion of random sequences. CEUR Workshop Proceedings, pp. 458-468. (Scopus).
  3. Sirenko, N., Melnyk, O. and Shyshpanova, N. (2018). Prospects for implementing participatory budgeting as an effective instrument for implementing budgetary policy at the local level. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, vol. 4, no. 2 (2018), pp. 222-228. (Web of Science Core Collection).
  4. Sirenko, N. M., Baryshevskaya, I. V., Poltorak, A. S. and Shyshpanova, N. O. (2018). State and tendencies of intergovernmental regulation in Ukraine in conditions of fiscal decentralization. Financial and credit activity: problems of theory and practice, vol. 2, no. 25 (2018), pp. 157-164. (Web of Science Core Collection).