Virendra K. Vijay

Virendra K. Vijay, PhD, Prof. (India)

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Selected Publications:

  1. Rimika KapoorM.V.Subbarao,Virendra Kumar Vijay,  Goldy Shah, Shivali Sahota, Dhruv Singh, Mahesh Verma (2017)  Factors affecting methane loss from a water scrubbing based biogas upgrading system,  Applied Energy, Vol. 208,  Pages 1379-1388
  2. Abhinav Trivedi, BhaskarJhaVandit Vijay, Ram Chandra, M.V.Subbarao,  P.Hariprasad, Rajendra Prasad (2017) Sustainable bio-energy production models for eradicating open field burning of paddy straw in Punjab, India. Energy, Volume 127, Pages 310-317. (Scopus).
  3. RishaMalRajendra PrasadVirendra K.Vijay (2016) Multi-functionality clean biomass cookstove for off-grid areas. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, Volume 104, Part A,Pages 85-94. (Scopus).
  4. Kumar P., Prajapati S.K, Malik A, Vijay V.K. Evaluation of biomethane potential of waste algal biomass collected from eutrophied lake: effect of source of inocula, co-substrate and VS loading. Journal of Applied Phycology. Accepted on 12thJuly, 2018. (Scopus).
  5. Sahota S, Shah G, Ghosh P, Kapoor R, Subhanjan S, Singh P, Vijay V, Sahay A, Vijay VK, Thakur IS. “Review of trends in biogas upgradation technologies and future perspectives”. Bioresource Technology Reports, Accepted Manuscript on 31st January, 2018. (Scopus).
  6. SahotaS, Vijay VK, Subbarao PMV, Chandra R, Ghosh P, Shah G, Kapoor R, Vijay V, Koutu V, and Thakur IS. “Characterization of leaf waste based biochar for cost effective hydrogen sulphide removal from biogas. “Bioresource technology” 250 (2018): 635-641. (Scopus).