Pig Production, as a branch of animal husbandry, even in a crisis can be profitable , if the farms are conditions for maximizing genetic potential of animals.

UNC 636.4.082

S. Ivanov
F. Borodayenko
S. Topiha
V. Lykhach

Target of breeds standards are high enough, but in most farms the potential of the genotypes of the animals is only 30…50%. Under such conditions it is difficult to compete with the world level and even to survive in this volatile economy. But in farms where well aware of the benefits of intensive technologies, introduction of achievements of science and technology, comprehensively take into account all the factors that affect the efficiency of production, pig farming is a profitable business. Given the importance of the development of the pig industry and the use of modern innovative approaches to restore industry and increased pork production the goal was to provide an analysis of the technology of production of pork products in the conditions of the Agricultural production cooperative «Agricultural firm «MiG-Service-agro». The studies were conducted in the conditions of breeding plant breeding pig breeds: large white, Landrace, Duroc (interbreed type of Ukrainian selection “Steppe”) and enterprises with breeding in pig breeding category of the APC «Agricultural firm «Mig-Service-agro» village Sukhoy Yelanets, Novoodesky district of Mykolayiv region. The study was conducted conventional breeding methods. After studying the local and global gene pool of pigs, a leading national and world driving technology in pig, farm managers and specialists and scientists of Mykolayiv State Agrarian University introduced modern technology of production of pork. Growing pigs on the farm at two production sites. On the first site contains basic sows and boars during the entire reproductive period, as well as piglets from birth to reach a live weight of 30 kg. On the second floor is the cultivation of breeding and fattening of young. It is established that the organization of care and feeding pigs in the farm fully complies with the requirements of modern industrial technology for production of pork. The introduction of modern technology and feeding pigs of all age and gender groups in the context of the APC «Agricultural firm «Mig-Service-agro», gave the opportunity to obtain a sufficiently high animal productivity results. Pig industry in the economy has become profitable and competitive among the farms of the region and country. The high genetic potential of breeding of young animals of a breeding farm “Mig-Service-Agro” will increase productivity of breeding pigs and commodity farms of different size and ownership. Every year, it is grown and available for the implementation of 550 head of young pigs of the above breeds, which is 90% meets the requirements of class “elite”. The farm has the possibility of implementing two-breed pigs large white × Landrace (F1).