Generalization of selection and technological bases of creation and practical use prospective of pig genotypesin Odessa region

UNC 636.082.2

Y. Ahapova
R. Susol

The conducted researches allow to determine the following theoretical basis for the creation of flexible breeding management systems and processes in pig farming working with FT «Black Sea» ULW-3: ? due to increased breeding value of each next generations compared with previous one there is a feasibility of faster replacement boars-sires after index ratings of their descendants, this can speed up the level and efficiency of the selection process and the stability of the gene pool; ? give preference in the selection of replacement youngsters class distribution for
live birth weight М + , which is the most highly productive in the future; ? there is a shift towards increasing the number of individuals with a high frequency of М + options (for live birth weight, average daily gain) and alternative shift towards increasing the number of individuals with high frequency variations М – (for age achieving live weight of 100 kg, thick bacon, feed consumption) under condition of maintenance pigs different age-sex groups with recommended level of crude protein in the diet; ? it was determined the optimal level of intensity growing replacement young pigs FT «Black Sea» ULW-3 during ontogeny.