Підвищення рівня відтворювальних якостей свиноматок

UNC: 637.51:591.463.1 + 636.4.082

O. Tserenyuk
O. Akimov
Y. Chereuta

Analyzed a number of technological approaches that enhance the level of reproductive qualities of sows. Rated bond index of multiple pregnancy sows with other important indicators of their reproductive qualities. Found that increased prolificacy will enhance the magnitude of the main signs of productivity. In studies evaluating the efficacy of the use of stimulating devices of different designs for artificial insemination of sows were used most commonly in the domestic market stimulating device in comparison with the developed (combined) and compared with the traditional conventional artificial insemination of sows. The efficiency of administration of diluted boar semen during insemination using different stimulating devices. Loss of semen during artificial insemination of sows indicating a decrease of this parameter by using different enabling devices compared to conventional insemination. Installed a slight increase in variation index lost sperm within groups using during insemination as stimulating devices arc bag and compared with a group of ewes inseminated without stimulating devices. At the same time, the use of combined reflexation device, compared with a group of ewes inseminated without stimulating devices, against reducing the number of lost absolute figures reflected a decrease in sperm variation of this index within the group. Calculation of the phenotypic through consolidation as the coefficient of variation and standard deviation through indicates that compared with sows inseminated without stimulating devices, uterine insemination using as a stimulating device combined reflexation device differed more consolidated level of absolute figures the number of lost sperm. Thus enabling the use of proven effective devices for artificial insemination of sows, that can be the basis for improving the basic productive indicator of reproductive qualities of sows – their multiple pregnancy and, consequently, the overall level of reproductive qualities of sows at the expense of having a connection between productive performance.

reproduction, technology, pigs, artificial insemination, correlation, stimulating device.