Fattening and mesat traits of pigs at different management condions

UNC 636.4.083:636.033

A. Petrushko
D. Hodosovsky
I. Rudakovskaya
А. Khochenkov
A. Shatskaya
V. Bezmen
V. Bezzubov
O. Slinko.

Currently in pig production widely used hybridization with the use of specialized meat breeds of domestic and foreign selections. However, the use of hybrid animals, characterized by early maturity and high meat quality, along with the positive results provide a number of negative consequences. The emerging desire of manufacturers to obtain lean meats through the reduction of live weight of pigs for slaughter at an average of 100 kg, the use of enzyme additives that increase the growth rate of animals is not always justified. Muscle and fat tissue in the body of pigs do not have time to reach their full biological maturation, when stabilize the content of intramuscular fat, dry matter, macro – and micronutrients and fatty acids that need to be considered for for the control of meat quality indicators [1,4,5]. However, as practice shows, there is a need to further improve the technology of production of pork by examining the influence of different conditions of pigs for fattening and meat-fat quality. The purpose of research – to study the effect of different conditions of pigs for fattening and meat-fat quality. Research conducted on the pig farm SE “Farm-factory Zarya” Mozyr district, Gomel region, with a production capacity is 54 thousand pigs per year. The material for the research served as a feeding young pigs (fattening – 120 days), the object – premises for their content. It is established that the system of keeping animals on deep litter allows you to improve the quality indicators of pork. The meat of pigs that are fed on deep litter has high quality characteristics. In the longest back muscle of pigs of the experimental group contains more intramuscular fat by 0.3%, it has high water-holding capacity by 1.5%, higher color intensity by 0.4 units extinction or 0.5%, higher value of pH after 24 and 48 h after slaughter by 1.8%, and the best taste of roasted meat by 7% and broth by 2.3% when tasting.

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