Methodological basis for the creation and use of pigs Duroc breed of Ukrainian selection in terms of PJSC «Pedigree farm «Stepnoy»

4(81), 2014
UNC 636.4.0821

The results of the work with the Duroc breed pigs and conditions of creating intrabreed type «Stepnoy». New type pigs Duroc breed of improved reproductive qualities created by selection based on combinations of targeted geographic populations of Duroc pigs, Czech, American, English, Danish conditions in full feeding. Established a new type pigs Duroc breed of Ukrainian selection «Stepnoy» formed 5 major lines: Shvudkiy, Vitamin, Dalekiy, Mogutniy, Stepnoy. The rest of the herd boars used in order to identify the best combination, as well as to provide sufficient genetic polymorphism. Among animals of different lines new type of higher genetic differences on complex blood group representatives were characterized mighty line. The reason is that the final stage of the creation of this line was used livestock Danish population the supply of the latter. Analyzed productivity interbreed type pigs Duroc breed of Ukrainian selection «Stepnoy» (DUSS) in terms of PJSC «Pedigree farm «Stepnoy» Zaporozhye region. Presents the results of the appraisal pigs  aforementioned type, for complex traits, the herd of swine as follows: class elite-record have 84% of boars, 32% sows, to the class of elite respectively 16% and 68%. This indicates that the main herd of females and boars herd corresponds only to the class of elite-record and the elite. It is noted that pigs new interbreed type of Ukrainian selection exhibit high efficiency at the crossing, as if using it as paternal and maternal forms. It is established that the conditions of «Pedigree farm «Stepnoy» created the conditions that contribute to the manifestation of the genetic potential of productivity of pigs.

breed Duroc, interbreed type, Ukrainian breeding and productive qualities (more…)