Technology of production of pork in terms of LLC “Tavriyski svyni”

УДК 636.4.082

V. Topiha
V. Lykhach
S. Lugovoy
P. Shebanin

The creation of meat balance in the country is primarily dependent on the increase in the production of all kinds of meat, including pork, which in beef balance should occupy more than 35%. Therefore, to increase pork production, improving quality and output of the pig industry on a global level, the maximum potential use pigs for human needs, it is necessary to efficiently use tribal resources of pigs in Ukraine and in the world, enhance forage and implement cutting-edge technologies and scientific achievements. Currently breeding in the pig industry of Ukraine is characterized by the trend of imports of farm animals beef cattle productivity of foreign origin. Proven a number of studies that our local genotypes in creating optimal conditions of feeding and maintenance, performance is not inferior to foreign ones, and in terms of sustainability, adaptation to the conditions of feeding and maintenance, typical of most farms, as well as the quality of the products is significantly higher. This necessitates a more thorough study of the productive qualities of domestic pigs genotypes and development of their breeding programs. In Ukraine the third largest population is Ukrainian meat breed, but the number of sows and boars of this breed for the period from 1993 to 2013 decreased by 45.8 and 62.3%, respectively. Therefore, significant has been the preservation, dissemination and improvement of the aforementioned pig genotype. Given the relevance of the use of swine meat genotypes to increase pork production was supplied for the purpose, in the article, to provide an analysis of breeding work with pigs breeds Ukrainian meat (Askania type) and large white foreign selection. The study was conducted in the conditions of breeding plant breeding pigs Askania type of Ukrainian meat breed and pedigree reproducer breeding pigs of large white breed a Limited liability company (LLC) “Tavriyski svyni” Skadovsk district, Kherson region. Determined that today the industry in the economy presents a plant with breeding pigs Askania type of Ukrainian meat breed – a 125 main sows and breeding facility for the breeding of pigs of large white breed – 93 major sows. The introduction of modern technology has given the opportunity to get quite good results productivity of animals. It is established that in the breeding factory LLC “Tavriyski svyni” are bred and grown such breeds of pigs which are unsurpassed reproducible, fattening and meat qualities in terms of the South of Ukraine. Found that the industry in agriculture has become profitable and competitive among the farms of the region and the country. Every year, it is grown and available for the implementation of 600 head of young pigs Ukrainian meat breed and 400 head of young pigs of large white breed, which is 90% meets the requirements of class elite. The farm has the possibility of implementing two-breed pigs such combinations: Ukrainian meat × Landrace and large white × Landrace.

technology, pigs, breed, productive, quality appraisal.