Retrospective analysis of forest dynamics in Dnipropetrvosk region

4(81), 2014
UNC 630.5:633.877
Lovinska V.M.
Sytnyk S.A.

A retrospective analysis of changes in areas covered with forests Dnipropetrovsk region was performed. We obtained time series of accounting and resource factors as the total area of forest resources and the total stock of wood in forest stands. The modern state several stands of the main forest species in the region for some forestry-biometric characteristics was investigated.

We used a retrospective analysis and obtain the dynamic series such registration-resource indexes as the total area of forest resources in  Dnipropetrovsk region, the area of land covered with forest vegetation and the total stock of wood in forest stands.

Analysis period of these indicators was 35 years (from 1977 to 2012). It was established that the total area of forests, as well as the area of land covered with forest vegetation since 1996 is growing and at the time of last census (2012) increased by 4,5% and 10,2%, respectively.

Dynamics of total variable stocks of wood characterized by uneven and curved, but with the vector, clearly directed towards the increase of this index by 33,5% in the analyzed period.

Used a selective method of statistical representativeness study of forestry information about the area of land covered with forest vegetation on the basis of the existing forestry enterprises subordinate to the State Forestry Administration of Forestry and Hunting of Dnipropetrovsk region, for the accounting period from 1996 to 2009.

The maximum area of land covered with forest vegetation recorded for such forestry enterprises as Verkhnedneprovskiy, Dneprodzerzhinskiy, Dnipropetrovskiy and Novomoskovskiy. The area of land covered with forest vegetation in the other investigated forestry enterprises does not exceed 10,000 hectares. Retrospective analysis of the investigated parameters showed a significant decline until 2009 it such as forestry enterprises Krivoy Rog, Novomoskovskiy and Dnipropetrovsk. The value of land area covered by forest vegetation almost varies Vasilkovskiy forestry enterprises (down 6,2%) and remained unchanged in terms of the natural reserve “Dnepr-Orelsky”.

Virtually all forestry enterprises area of land covered with forest vegetation, tended to increase or decrease until 2008, while in 2009 this figure undergoes a sharp decline in all forestry enterprises except the reserve.

The first priority when restoring a forest is to study some of the forestry and taxation indices of forest fund, in particular, such as the area and stocks of woodthe main breeds of forests in the region. In Dnipropetrovsk region Pinus sylvestris is the predominant breed of coniferous,Robinia pseudoacacia– from hardwood.

The estimation of the present state of the main forest-forming species of Dnipropetrovsk region – Scots pine and Robinia pseudoacacia was carried. The totals area of pine and acacia plantations, as well as a stock of wood in the forests of the specified species was defined. Analysis of the distribution of areas of Scots pine stands showed that nearly a third part – 31% of the entire area of pine forests occupy Novomoskovsk military forestry with a total stock of wood 1464,25 thousandm3, the smallest proportion of this breed (0,4%) in Marganetsk forestry.

The largest share of acacia plantations – 40,1% – is concentrated in Verhnedniprovsk forestry, with a stock of wood 1248,47thousandm3, the lowest (0,2%) – in Novomoskovsk military forestry.

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