Efficiency of Landrace pigs breed

1(82), 2015
UNC 636.4.082

The article presents the efficiency of Landrace pigs breed at farms of Ukraine in comparison with the large white pigs breed. It was established that the majority of effective features tribal Landrace pigs breed animals exceed Large White breed. Landrace breed sows in breeding farms with an average of 10.9 goals for twins and litter weight at weaning nest in 2 months 190,6 kh. Boars live weight of 100 kg during cultivation reached at 185.9 days, and pigs – 190.5 days. Landrace breed young in breeding farms have very low thickness of bacon measured in vivo, respectively boars – 18,6 mm and pig – 21,1 mm.
During experimental studies in industrial sector it was established that there is a possibility of obtaining higher twins Landrace breed from sows at thoroughbred breeding, compared to various versions of the crossing. However, pure breeding did not contribute to the increase of the remaining indicators reproductive capacity and did not ensure high performance fattening and meat traits for lower quality meat. The highest and fattening and meat characteristics of pigs obtained by crossing breeds Landrace sows with terminal boars Maxter 304. purebred Landrace pigs breed of French origin had significantly worsen the quality of muscle tissue, especially the positions of active acidity, tenderness and moisture retaining ability, and therefore to obtain high quality meat of better use than for pure breeding and for two – or three-pedigree crossing.

Keywords: state of breed, thoroughbred and hybrid pig, breeding methods, efficiency, combination genotypes, quality meat. (more…)