Reproductive ability of sows to the use of neurotropic-metabolic drug

UNC 636. 082.454:615.36

O. S. Pylypchuk
V. I. Sheremeta

Analysis of the data shows that fertilization of sows experimental group was 21.4% higher than in the control group of animals. In the experimental group of sows gestation duration period decreased by 1.2 days compared to the females control group. Wifeless time even though he was shorter by 0.5 day compared with animals in the control group, but within the margin of error. That is, because of considerable variability of its duration is not is traced effects on the rate. In this regard, conducted a detailed analysis of this indicator, determining the duration of gestation sows and those who came to hunt again. Since the difference in the length of the idle period in sows experimental group compared with the control, which became pregnant, was 0.9 days and was not within the error, we can assume that the drug causes a tendency to reduce it. To determine the effect on fertility wifeless period, experimental and control groups were divided into two subgroups, with its lasting 4-5 days and 6-8. Sows with the idle period of 6-8 days significantly outweighed by 2.1 day animals subgroups lasting 4-5 days. This sows the control and experimental groups idle period which lasted 4-5 days there is a hundred percent fertilization, which is not the females of his lasting 6-8 days. Fertility of these animals was lower by 47.7% in the control and 40% – in research, compared with sows that were  wifeless period of 4-5 days. During the study of sows experimental group received 288 of them stillborn piglet 6, and in control of -193 and 12 goals respectively. That sows in the experimental group received 1.5 times more newborn piglets and 2 times less stillborn. Prolificacy sows experimental group was higher by 1.6 head than in the control. Weight of live births female piglets experimental group was higher by 23.1%. Thus, feeding sows after weaning against the background of vitaminization, neurotropic-metabolic of the drug Hlyutam 1M causes the tend to increase fertility in, and reduce prolificacy stillborn piglets.

fertilization, reproductive ability, Hlyutam 1M, sow, piglets, multiple pregnancy live weight.