The competitive environment in Ukrainian grain farming

UNC 633.1:338.22

B. Pohrischuk, V. Melnyk.

The need to implement factors of creation a competitive environment through economic mechanism of regulation of intra competition is of huge importance. This will enable producers to carry out rapid introduction of innovative developments and other scientific and technological progress that will increase productivity at work and higher wage bill, streamline organizational forms of production, increase production of high quality products.
In the article the organizational and economic factors of shaping the competitive environment in the grain sector of Ukraine are grounded; suggestions to improve the economic activity of the grain market towards a competitive environment are made.
The theoretical and methodological basis of the study is the dialectical method of knowledge and systematic approach, regulations, scientific works of local and foreign scientists.
The competitive environment is proposed to examine how institutional conditions coordination activities of markets, the mechanism of the formation and operation of which is based on creating and modifying certain institutions.
We consider modern organizational and economic characteristics of grain production and its competitiveness can be defined by the basic of implementing cluster-competitive and innovative model of production.
The need for state regulation of grain food sub-program on a targeted basis taking into account both the interests of the state and other program participants is proved.
It was determined that a competitive environment is necessary to be carried out by comprehensive measures on management, production, and marketing levels. The task of management is to ensure optimal grain production and its cost; production level for providing grain quality standards which are maintained and requirements for customers; the study of the market, providing sales at reasonable prices.

competitive environment, competitive grain farming, economic activity (more…)

Formation of the scientifi c community as the basis for an innovative economy

3(80), vol. 2, 2014
УДК 001.891(076.6)1

The article deals with theoretical, methodological and organizational principles applied forming scientifi c community as the basis for an innovative economy; reasonably infl uence of education and research and innovation systems on the process of social reproduction and implementation of research and innovation functions of the national economy are grounded. (more…)

Організаційно-економічний механізм відтворення в агропромисловому комплексі на засадах екологічної безпеки

3(80), том 2, 2014
UNC 001.891(076.6)1

The article discusses the main directions of realization of organizational and economic mechanism of reproduction in agriculture based on ecological safety; The features of effective decision-making system ensuring environmental safety at different levels of social reproduction are defi ned.