Not only to increase pork production but don’t make worse its quality

2(84), том 2 2015
UNC 636.082


In the article it is noticed the significance of products of animal origin for human nutrition, modern state and perspectives of pork production in Ukraine and beyond the borders of the country. In spite of the fact that pork because of religious and other reasons is not consumed by dozens of nations and even some regions of the globe. In total meat production on its share it is consisted 110 mill/ton, that is 36.3%, while on meat of poultry it is consisted of 34.5%, on beef – 22.6%, on mutton – 4.5% and other kinds of meat -2.1%.

The especial attention was directed to the significance of a quality of produced pork and management of this process. It is given information about pig fat and its digestion and calorific capacity. It was shortly notified that intensive selection on increasing the output of Lenten meat which is performed without control of its quality and it can lead to receive the pale watery exsudate meat (defect PSE) or the dark dense dry meat (defect DFD).

It is described the influence on pork quality of genotype of animals and the level of selective pedigree work in the herd, the quality of feed-stuffs and the technology of their feeding and also condition of environment. It has been determined suitable measures for the development of pig breeding and ensuring the competitive ability of domestic pork. At the consummation of text it is emphasized that at average daily gains, within the confines of 600-800g and using full-blooded diets, on the base of good-quality feed-stuffs, pork will be always high-quality, profitable and desirable both internal and external markets.