Improvement of the Institutional Environment as the Precondition of the Agrarian Enterprises Transaction Costs Management

UNC 330.837:338.432

S. Tymofiyiv

The article is devoted to solving the problem of the institutional providing of the agrarian enterprises transaction costs management. The fact that aggregate influence of the institutional environment factors reduces the possibilities of the agrarian enterprises to manage the process of the transaction costs streams formation and functioningis grounded. It creates the necessity of searching the directions of the institutional environment improvement as the means of creating the preconditions of the efficient transaction costs management.
The opinion that it is reasonable to look at the directions of the institutional providing of the transaction costs management process in the light of improving the separate segments of institutional infrastructure in the agrarian sector is expressed. The segments of state control, law providing and state economic regulation are referred to the segments the improvement of which has the top priority in the context of formation the preconditions of the transaction costs management.
Within the framework of improving the state control segment the necessity of standardization institute development and the ways of its realization are grounded. They consist in formation of the new structures that have relation to the state standardization process and in improvement of the existing ones. The measures have to concern to the standardization of forming, presenting and using the report information about the economic agents’ transaction costs in the agrarian sector.
It is proposed to realize the improvement on the law providing segment in the direction of getting out of the shade the potentially legal transaction costs which are there in the result of economic relations shadiness. The removing and minimizing the illegal transaction costs also must take place. The supposition that improving the functioning of the law providing segment will ensure the proper level and fullness of the contracting transaction costs management in agrarian enterprises is made.
The development of the state economic regulation segment is proposed to do in the way of realizing the line of measures by the agroindustrial development departments’ network and by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Provisions of Ukraine. These measures have to be aimed at the formation of the initial conditions for the transaction costs management realizing and at the further improvement of this process. It is expressed the opinion that complex development of the institutional infrastructure segments will create the conditions for realizing the efficient transaction costs management in the agrarian enterprises activity and on the macro level of the agrarian sector.

Key words: transaction costs, management, agrarian enterprises, institutional environment, segments of institutional infrastructure, improvement.