Fertility of boars of specialized meat breed of foreign origin

UNC 636.4.082

Shaferivsky B.S., Master of Agricultural Science
Poltava State Agrarian Academy

The given article represents results of assessment of boars-breeders of large white breed, duroc, landrace and pietrain of German selection regarding their sperm production quality depending on the breed and the season; and also efficiency of their crossbreeding with sows of large white breed and landrace of French selection in order to obtain feeder young pigs.
Results of the assessment of the experimental boars’ sperm demonstrated fluctuations of breed and seasonal ejaculate amount, sperm cell concentration and mobility, which can influence reproductive performance of sows and disturb technological rhythm of young pig bearing. It has been determined that boars of landrace breed were characterized by the least concentration of spermatozoa in ejaculate in different seasons, and boars of large white breed were characterized by the most stable concentration of sperm during the year. Boars of duroc breed had the smallest amount of ejaculate irrespectively of seasons along with the highest activity of sperm cells among the examined breeds. Estimate of reproductive performance of boars mated with sows indicates that the highest polycarpic effect may be obtained from crossbreeding of sows of landrace breed of French selection with boars of large white breed of German selection – 11.7 head, which is 0.5 – 2.5 head more compared with other alternatives of parents. It has been determined that usage of pigs of French and German selection, having applied both thoroughbred breeding and crossbreeding, provides live weight of 7.1 – 8.9 kg for one head of young pigs during the weaning period having reached 28 days. Animals of genotype ½ (large white breed of French origin + duroc of German origin) were characterized by the heaviest live weight of one head during weaning period having exceeded other pigs’ weight by 0.4 – 1.8 kg.