Вплив демографічної ситуації на відтворення трудового потенціалу сільських територій

1(82), 2015
UNC 314.17

N.O.Shyshpanova, a graduate student
Mykolayiv State Agrarian University

The accelerating of the pace of administrative – territorial transformation of rural areas have led to the gradual destruction of the socio – economic condition of rural areas, which became the basis for the formation of negative processes exacerbation of the demographic crisis. This greatly influenced on the formation of the employment potential of rural areas as the demographic situation in the countryside is one of the major factors affecting on the reproduction of labor. The purpose of the article is to study the conceptual foundations of the playback of employment potential of rural areas and to identify the main reasons of the deterioration of the demographic situation in the Mykolaiv region as one of the important components of reproduction of labor resources. According to the title of the article, it describes the current trends of demographic development of rural areas of the Mykolaiv region. It is indicated that the main cause of demographic losses in the number of both rural and urban population, is the narrowing natural reproduction, which is characterized by a negative trend that is progressing. The author of the scientific article substantiated the impact of major demographic factors on the formation of labor potential, and determined that the reasons of the low birth rate and high mortality in the region is primarily low income, lack of adequate state support for young families, the age structure of the population, a high level of morbidity and poor health care. The author argues that one of the important factors of dynamic changes in fertility, is undoubtedly dynamics marriage and divorce. Attention is drawn to the fact that the progressive decrease of the rural population leads to a decline in rural areas, losses and closure of social services and, eventually, to the mass exodus of peasants reproductive age. In this article the author on the basis of the research, gave recommendations to adopt the necessary decisions to ensure the human resources area. It is noted that the problem of reproduction of labor potential of rural areas need to be addressed through economic support human reproduction in conjunction with the observance of sustainable rural development, the improvement of rural population. (more…)