The epizootic situation regarding to visceral mycosis of animals in Сentral region of Ukraine

UDC 619:616.992:636.03

S. Aranchiy,
G. Zon,
О. Kinash

The epizootological situation regarding to visceral mycosis of animals in Сentral region of Ukraine.

This article presents the results of mycological and toxicological research into the pathological material taken from poultry and domestic animals in Central region of Ukraine (Poltava region). Mycobiota, isolated from the samples was discovered to be fungi of genuses Aspergillus, Mucor, Candida as a monoinfection and others. The main part of isolated fungi accounted by micromycetes of genus Aspergillus, was identified in 28 of 43 samples (65% of all positive research). In particular, species A. flavus and A. fumigatus were found more often (40% and 23 positive results, respectively). As a monoinfection fungi of genus Aspergillus was found in 25 samples (58%). With regard to fungi from the Mucoraceaed family, growths of this sort were found in 14 samples of pathological material, that is 33% of all positive mycological research. In 7 samples was evidense of the causative agent of mucormycosis , (16% from all positive researches), In 3 samples – the causative agents of aspergillosis and mucormycosis (7% from all positive samples). The fungi of genus Candidа was identified in 12% of all positive research, and the causative agent of mucormycosis – 1 sample (2%). Also in a single sample was detected fungi Penicillium and Helmintosporium in association with micromycetes – Mucoraceae. Each find accounted for 2% of all positive results of corpses mycological research. Of all causative agents of mucormycosis the most often identified fungi -Mucor – was found in 7 lung samples from poultry(16% of all positive results). These include the fungi Mucor ramosissimus, M. racemosus, M. pusillus. The fungi Rhizomucor, Rhizomucor pusillus in particular was found in 3 samples (7% of all positive results). The raresrt fungi from family Mucoraceae was detected; fungi of genus Rhizopus, Rhizopus microsporus – in 2 samples, that is 5% from all positive research. The independent allocation of isolates fungi from the family Mucoraceae of pathological material at negative results of bacteriological researches gives us cause to considered  mucormycosisas as a cause of death of the studied birds and animals. The results showed, that most often fungi from family Mucoraceae isolated in association with aspergills and less often with fungi of the genus Candida. That confirms the possibility of associated course of mucormycosis with aspergillosis or candidosis.

The epizootic situation regarding to visceral mycosis of animals in Сentral region of Ukraine.

Issue 2(89), Part 1, 2016