Legal regulation of the right to food in Ukraine.

Number, year
3(79), Vol. 1, 2014
UNC 681.5.0171

M. Babych.

Abstract. The legal framework of food safety regulating fo, which implements the right to food in Ukraine was considered.

The legislative initiatives with respect to this right by five levels in Ukraine are systematized. The first level: the laws of national significance (Constitution of Ukraine, the Law “On National Security of Ukraine”); the second level: sectoral laws (Law “On Basic Principles of the State Agrarian Policy for the period up to 2015”, the Law “On State Support of Agriculture of Ukraine”, the Law “On Grain and Grain Market in Ukraine”, the Law “On Milk and milk products” ); the third level: laws designed to protect certain sections of the population (Law “On Living Wage ‘Law’ On Baby Food”); the fourth level: legislation on food safety and nutrition (Law “On Standardization”, Law “On conformity assessment”, “On State Material Reserve”, “The safety and quality of food”, “Consumer Protection”, “On sanitary and Epidemiological welfare of the Population”, “On protection of population against infectious diseases”, “On creating of State Biosafety System, its testing, transportation and use of genetically modified organisms”); the fifth level: general (framework) law on food security (draft).

It was established that in Ukraine it is necessary to create the legal framework (excluding Law “On food security”) to regulate standards of human rights to adequate and quality food. It should also be noted that in Ukraine, compared with individual members of the European Union, this issue, in terms of providing legal regulation, it is paid much more attention. However, the possibility to implement this law in a particular part of the moral and material compensation through the competent administrative or judicial authorities to Ukrainian citizens, particularly disadvantaged social groups is largely absent. That is a declaration of rights, and the possibility of its realization which is pretty much limited.

Keywords: law, nutrition, food safety, legislation. (more…)