Investigation of main features of health tourism in Ukraine

UDC 338.48-6:615.8(477)

E. Bylim
E. Dernovaya

The purpose of medical and health tourism, as a complex use of natural medical factors and motor activity in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes is determined.
It has been established that healing and health tourism are often combined due to the similar purpose of travel and the realization of this goal on the basis of the use of one base.
It is noted that health-improvement tourism is divided into medical, the purpose of which is proper treatment, therapy, rehabilitation after illness, and prophylactic (wellness tourism), aimed at maintaining the body in a healthy condition and maintaining the balance between physical and psychological health rights.
The distinguishing features of health-improving tourism are: stay in any resort, regardless of the disease, should be sufficiently long (not less than three weeks), otherwise the desired health effect (impact) can not be achieved; treatment at resorts is expensive. This type of tourism is designed primarily for wealthy clients, usually not for a standard set of medical services, but for an individual treatment program; people of the older age group go to the resorts when chronic diseases are exacerbated or the weakened organism can not cope with daily stresses at work and in everyday life. Accordingly, these tourists make a choice between resorts specializing in the treatment of a specific illness, mixed type resorts, which have a restraining influence on the body and contribute to the restoration of forces.
It is noted that natural-geographical recreational resources are natural conditions, objects, phenomena, favorable for recreation that is the restoration of spiritual and physical forces spent during work, study, creativity.
The social consequences of introducing new therapeutic and health tourism approaches to the practice of sanatoriums are established: the formation of “functional relaxation” and “relaxation” in the national health system of innovative functional subsystems; increasing the profitability of the domestic sanatorium and resort industry by introducing into its work the regularities of the international tourism business and technologies of quality management of individual service processes.

Keyword: therapeutic and health tourism, tourism organization, sanatorium and resort institutions.

Investigation of main features of health tourism in Ukraine.

Issue 4 (96), 2017