Determination of the main directions of injury prevention in agricultural enterprises

UDC 331.454

DOI: 10.31521/2313-092X/2019-1(101)-16

N. Radionov
D. Marchenko
V. Kurepin


       The article deals with the main factors influencing occupational injuries of agricultural enterprises. It is established that the change in their number and level of influence depends on the limited capabilities of human rights systems and the multiplicity of manifestations of its mental characteristics. For example, the multivariate behavioral reactions presented system of inadequacy of action to the emerging external conditions, which suggests the unreality of achieving absolute security. Practice shows that isolated delays such as compensations for poor working conditions, and the provision of means for collective and individual protection of workers at enterprises do not ensure the implementation of a strategy for improving working conditions and reducing injuries at agricultural enterprises. Only an integrated approach based on professional risk prevention with the development of national priorities in the development, design and manufacture of modern agricultural machinery for agriculture, bringing the current legal framework for labor safety in line with international and European labor standards is a sufficiently effective measure to prevent occupational injuries.

       Keywords: agricultural machinery, priority areas, safety, production equipment, legal framework, machines, units, mechanisms, improvement of safety, safety measures.