Economic efficiency of using preparation “Argenvit” in incubation of quails eggs

UDC 636.5(075.8)

V. Groza,
O. Koval

Food market of Ukraine has been an increasing demand for quails production which connected, first of all, with the taste characteristics of meat and eggs, if we will compared with chickens, ease of maintenance and feeding, the expiration date of quail eggs in comparison with chickens, the payback period and the amount of investment.
One of the important elements of poultry production is compliance with the sanitary condition of the premises, incubator, products and the prevention of the formation of pathogenic and opportunistic microflora. Most disinfectants have high activity. But they have a short term of work, in some cases – carcinogenicity, high corrosion effects on equipment, hydrolysis and, in this connection, low communicative.
Therefore, application of preparations based on nanosilver in the production conditions of poultry enterprises is a promising area of research.
The purpose of our work was to conduct an analysis of the economic efficiency of used preparation nanosilver «Argenvit» during the incubation of quails eggs.
For determine the effect of the preparation «Argenvit» on the results of the incubation of quails eggs, were formed four groups of eggs: control (non-treated eggs), first, second, third (eggs treated with the preparation) with concentration 0,1%, 0,2 %, 0,3%.
The used of a colloidal solution of silver nanoparticles in demineralised water of the preparation «Argenvit» during the disinfection of quails eggs for incubation has a positively affects the outbreak of young quails, which is 61,7-66,1%, and it is higher than in the control group on 1,0-5,4%.
The best result in terms of the outbreak of young quails was obtained in the first experimental group, whose disinfection of eggs was carried out in a 0,1% solution of the preparation was – 66,1%, which more than in the second and third experimental groups on 0,8-4,4%.
The use of 0,02% solution of the preparation «Argenvit» during the incubation according to the scheme: aerosol treatment of eggs at the 1st and 15th days of incubation, has a positive effect on the results on incubation of the quails eggs and on the indicators of economic efficiency. The output of day-old quails is increased by 48 goals, which contributes to an increase in profits on 184,00 UAH and an increase in the profitability of the production of day-old quails on 12,64%.

Keyword: quails, incubation, nanosilver, eggs, disinfection, profit.

Economic efficiency of using preparation “Argenvit” in incubation of quails eggs.

Issue 4 (96), 2017

Assessment of preservation of quail egg-laying flock during exploiting by the use of nanosilver

UDC 598.261.7:636.082.46

L. Patryeva, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, professor
V. Groza, Phd
Mykolayiv National Agrarian University

Preservation of egg-laying quails during 5 months of productive period by the use of the drug “Argenvit” in various concentrations has been estimated. It has been found that the use of drug nanosilver in the concentration 0,02% and 0,03% gives the best results, increasing the preservation of the flock by 6,7%.

Key words: egg-laying quails, preservation, nanosilver, the drug “Argenvit”.

Assessment of preservation of quail egg-laying flock during exploiting by the use of nanosilver.

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Issue 2(90), Part 2, 2016

Dynamics of egg production of quail-layers using nanosilver

UDC 598.261.7:636.082.46

V. Groza

Today quail farming has an important place in the sphere of Ukrainian aviculture guails are bred for receiving eggs and meat which are dietary and healthy products demanded among society.
The question of increasing of natural resistance and productivity of agricultural poultry via direct influence with biologically active materials on the metabolic processes in different phases of ontogenesis is getting more topical. At the same time one should pay a considerable attention on the search of preparations for alternative antibiotics in order to increase the safety of the production. Thus the use of preparations based on nanosilver in producing conditions of poultry factories is a prospective direction of researches.
Silver is one of the most universal antibacterial agents which has a main advantage – it doesn’t cause a side action. While most of antibiotics have bactericidal activity concerning just limited number of microbes, silver by its characteristics has much greater effect on the most of microorganisms.
On the basis of the above-mentioned the task of the research is the analysis of the dynamics of the egg productivity of quails using nanosilver preparation “Argenvit”.
Thus to determine the influence of the preparation “Argenvit” on the dynamics of the egg productivity of quails four groups of poultry with 30 heads in each were formed. The quails were kept in hand-madecoop  batteries  on  the  middle  tier.  The microclimate parameters and  nutrient budgets were the same for all of the groups. The poultry was watered the preparation “Argenvit” of a different concentration (0,01%, 0,02%, 0,03%) within 30 days.
To analyze the dynamics of the egg productivity of quails the calculation of the number of the livestock and the dynamics of the egg productivity within 5 months was made. The estimation of the egg productivity was made using the group method.
It was stated that tested quails entered the productivity phase actively. They are characterized by capability of more flowing increase of the egg productivity comparing to the ones from the control group. The highest level of the egg productivity was shown up in the fifth month of the productivity phase. The intensity of the egg productivity in the tested groups was 66,40-70,50%, in the controlled one – 67,37%.
The use of nanosilver preparation with the concentration of 0,02% gives the best results according to the main indexes of the egg productivity, increasing the productivity of a primary quail to 3,47-4,60 eggs, of the average one – to 4,90-8,81, and the general mass of the egg to 2867,99-4971,08 grams.

Key words: quail, egg production, nanosilver.

V. Groza. Dynamics of egg production of quail-layers using nanosilver.


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В. И. Гроза. Динамика яичной продуктивности перепелок-несушек при использовании наносеребра.

Исследована динамика яичной продуктивности перепелок-несушек за 5 месяцев продуктивного периода при использовании препарата “Аргенвит” разной концентрации. Установлено, что использование препарата наносеребра в концентрации 0,02% способствует повышению яйценоскости на начальную несушку на 3,47-4,60 шт. яиц, яйценоскость на среднюю несушку – на 4,90-8,81 шт. яиц, общую яйцемассу – на 2867,99-4971,08 г.

В.І. Гроза. Динаміка яєчної продуктивності перепілок-несучок при використанні наносрібла.

Досліджено динаміку яєчної продуктивності перепілок-несучок за 5 місяців продуктивного періоду при використанні препарату “Аргенвіт” різної концентрації. Встановлено, що застосування препарату наносрібла в концентрації 0,02% дає найкращі результати, підвищуючи несучість на початкову несучку на 3,47-4,60 шт. яєць, несучість на середню несучку – на 4,90-8,81 шт. яєць, загальну яйцемасу – на 2867,99-4971,08 г.

Динаміка росту і розвитку перепелів при вирощуванні з використанням наносрібла

Номер, рік
1(77), 2014


В.І. Гроза, аспірант
Миколаївський національний аграрний університет

У статті висвітлено результати досліджень живої маси, середньодобових та відносних приростів перепелів породи фараон, яких випоювали срібловмістимим препаратом “Аргенвіт”. Встановлено, що розчин наносрібла з концентрацією 0,02% має позитивний вплив на динаміку росту і розвитку молодняку перепелів.

Ключові слова
перепели, жива маса, прирости, срібло

Вирощування перепелів з використанням наносрібла

Номер, том, частина, рік
4(76), 2, 2, 2013


В.І. Гроза, аспірант
Науковий керівник – д-р с.-г. наук, професор Патрєва Л.С.
Миколаївський національний аграрний університет, Україна

Представлено результати вирощування перепелів породи фараон з використанням препарату “Аргенвіт”. Встановлено, що 0,02% розчин наносрібла позитивно впливає на живу масу перепелів наприкінці вирощування.

Ключові слова
перепели, вирощування, жива маса, срібло