Economic efficiency of fingerlings’ cultivation with increased mass

4(81), 2014
UNC 639.312.07(477

G. Danilchuk.

The effect of process parameters on the efficiency of growing fingerlings carp and herbivorous fish in polyculture was studied. The influence of technological parameters on the performance of the experimental fishery ponds was investigated to determine the economic efficiency of growing fish seed in polyculture with resource-saving technology. The optimum parameters of resource-saving technology for growing fish seed with increased mass were defined.

The article focuses on providing resource for growing fish by maximizing the use of the biological potential of reservoirs, wider adoption of polyculture fish in their grazing, reducing the use of feed.

Purpose of the research was to determine the cost-effectiveness of alternative technology options for growing fingerlings increased mass. To achieve this goal were the following objectives: to study the effect of process parameters on the performance of the experimental fishery ponds and to determine the economic efficiency of production of stocking material.

Studies carried out on the basis of production ponds LLC “Nikolaev Fish farming enterprise.” Definition of economic efficiency of growing fingerlings conducted separately for each experiment, and the rate options were compared with each other. Minimum realizable value fingerlings were taken for all experiments, the average market price of fingerlings standard weight of 13 UAH. / kg, increased weight, depending on the magnitude exceeding the standard weight and   15 UAH. / kg.

In the first experiment the economic efficiency of growing stocking material using different ratios of the components of polyculture was examined; in the second – during grazing and stocking different densities, in the third – during grazing and different ratio of components polyculture.

It was determined that the most efficient one is the cultivation of fingerlings in polyculture with carp specific share of 40% and 60% of herbivorous fish, but there is some reduction in fish productivity, offset by a decrease in the cost of food on the growth of fish and allows you to get the biggest profit for the lowest cost of fingerlings.

Reducing stocking density had a positive impact on the quality of fish seed and fingerlings yielded higher than the standard weight is of paramount importance for the cultivation of marketable fish in a reservoir and ensure high commercial return. With increasing product quality, the sales prices and profitability of fish farming households are increased. Optimum stocking density was 100 thousand copies / ha.

Most cost-effective for growing fingerlings increased mass was reached at a density of 50 thousand copies stocking / ha with a specific share of carp at least 50% of pasture aquaculture.

fingerlings, growing, polyculture structure, parameters, fertilizing fish, the average individual weight, yield, cost, cost-effectiveness, cost-effectiveness. (more…)

Effect of feeding regime on the efficiency of growing fingerlings

3(80), vol. 2, 2014
UNC 639.312

The effect of feeding regimes on the effi ciency of cultivation of carp fi ngerlings and herbivorous fi sh in polyculture was studied. The infl uence of the multiplicity of feeding the average individual weight and yield of fi ngerlings was investigated; the fi sh productivity of nursery ponds and feed costs were determined. The economic effi ciency and optimal feeding regime for growing fi sh seed were proposed.


Вирощування рибопосадкового матеріалу за ресурсозберігаючою технологією

Номер, том, частина, рік
4(75), 2, 1, 2013


Г.А. Данильчук, кандидат сільськогосподарських наук
Миколаївський національний аграрний університет, Україна

Вивчався вплив параметрів ресурсозберігаючої технології на ефективність вирощування цьоголіток коропа і рослиноїдних риб у полікультурі. Вивчено вплив технологічних параметрів на якісні й кількісні показники цьоголіток та визначено економічну ефективність вирощування рибопосадкового матеріалу. Визначено оптимальні параметри ресурсозберігаючої технології для вирощування рибопосадкового матеріалу понадстандартної маси.

Ключові слова
цьоголітки, вирощування, структура полікультури, параметри, удобрення ставів, підгодівля риби, середня індивідуальна маса, вихід від посадки, собівартість, рентабельність