Innovative system of the agricultural sector: features and significance for the formation of a knowledge economy

UDC 338.43

I. Zolotyкh

The agrarian sector’s innovative system is an effective tool for its economic development based on knowledge and innovation.
Knowledge, creating the basis for innovations (new products, production technology) and formation of skilled labor, become the most important source of innovative development and competitiveness of enterprises and the industry as a whole. Competitive advantages are the speed of obtaining new knowledge and their implementation in products and technologies. Therefore, the integration, creation of new organizational and financial forms and improvement of the quality of manpower begin to play an important role.
The innovation system is capable of effective dissemination of knowledge and information. Science ceases to be an autonomously functioning sphere, and it is embedded in the system of production and diffusion of knowledge. It becomes a part of comprehensive system that can help to acquire knowledge and quickly transform it into new technologies, products and services that find their real consumers in the national or global markets.
However, the creation of innovative agricultural sector system is still on the stage of formation . Thus, there is no integrity, its elements operate chaotically and they lack mechanism that can effectively use the ideas.
At the moment it is necessary to move to the policy of comprehensive support of innovative processes by the state, to create especially favorable financial, economic and legal conditions for the formation of knowledge economy in the agricultural sector.
The organization of exhibitions, displays, conferences and fairs encourage the dissemination of knowledge innovations among a wide range of economic entities in the agrarian sector. At present , great attention is paid to the virtual resources such as Virtual Agrotechpark that can promote the innovations technologies, methods and equipment and encourage the interaction of partners.

Keyword: knowledge economy, innovation system, agrarian sector, dissemination of knowledge, virtual resours.

Innovative system of the agricultural sector: features and significance for the formation of a knowledge economy.

Issue 3 (95), 2017