Modeling the process of thread and screw rolling by rolls

UDC 621.3

А. Zubiekhina-Khaiiat

Improving the quality and reliability of the machines and their components is an important and urgent tasks of the present stage of development of domestic engineering. This problem can be solved by developing and strengthening the development of effective methods of machine parts and increase their durability.
To increase the wear resistance of friction pairs, and contact fatigue strength of parts widely used surface plastic deformation of break-rollers. Implementation of the best break in main mode (work force) linked to the rigidity of the technological system machine-tool-workpiece. In the sense of preserving the best mode break-a danger not only reduce stiffness, as its volatility.
One of the effective and simple methods of hardening the surface layer is the method of surface plastic deformation. Parts of small sizes, especially hardened, are usually treated with rollers. A method is proposed for rolling threads and screws with large angles of lifting the winding line.
The task of theoretical research is the development of methods and technology for rolling over parts of agricultural machines with rollers, taking into account the rigidity of the technological system. In this case, it is necessary to turn off the appearance of wave surface of the surface during the rolling process, which will combine the hardening and finishing rolling and increase the hardening efficiency. Conduct a physical simulation of the rolling of screw surfaces, needle rollers. In this case, observe the equality of the curvature of the contacting bodies and the slip velocity in the deformation zone. Set whether it is possible to rollingarchimedeanscrews with deformations along the entire depth of the profile with needle rollers.

Keyword: needle rollers, rolling screw surfaces by needle rollers, curvature of a screw surface, a roughness.

Modeling the process of thread and screw rolling by rolls.

Issue 4 (96), 2017