Slyusarenko A., Klyuchnik A. Foreign economic security of enterprises in the agricultural sector in the system of national security of the state: theoretical aspect

UDC 351; 338.432


Slyusarenko A.

Klyuchnik A.


The agricultural sector is one of the key economic system of Ukraine, on the basis of specific weight in the gross domestic product and employment. In recent years, the power sector in the context of the national economy is constantly increasing, which determines the agricultural centrism and strategic orientation of the domestic economy. Agriculture among all kinds of economic activities is export-oriented, because the majority of production is abroad.
Unquestioningly foreign economic activity in the context of the agricultural sector is preceded by significant economic siscam for the national economy, but at the same time, there are certain disadvantages. First, the disadvantages of an active export policy is to encourage people to participate in world business processes for technological imperfection and a low degree of competitiveness of domestic producers of agricultural products. To a greater extent the protection of the interests of farmers assigned to them. That is, under-researched and generated a mechanism to protect domestic producers at the international level.
A lot of scope to acquire the processes of globalization and internationalization of the Ukrainian economy, which requires rethinking of the quality of impact of these processes on the economy in general and the agricultural sector and enterprises representing it, in particular. The world market is characterized by a low degree of integration of domestic producers of agricultural products. Domestic farmers are unable to compete internationally due to the inability to resist the capitalization of the large agricultural corporations that are multinational.
In the end, at the macro level is a clear and detailed understanding of national security. The questions of economic safety of the enterprises as a component of national security are well studied. However, little consideration to issues of foreign economic security, which become relevant because of liberalization of the domestic economy and combining it with global processes. Unexplored remain the issues of ensuring of foreign economic security of agrarian sector and agricultural enterprises as those that produce and export significant volumes of products and services. The agricultural sector and the enterprise sector have the highest rates of foreign-trade activity, which confirms their functionality in the world market. However, in contrast to the increase in external order factors that affect the functionality of enterprises, the mechanism of interest protection remains unchanged, which requires the development of modern approaches to assess the state of foreign economic security of agricultural enterprises and the formation of appropriate levels for its management.

Keywords: national security, economic security, foreign economic security, economic development, competitiveness.


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