The productivity of Different Breed Bulls in High-Tech Beef Production.

UDC 636. 2. 033:612

I. Lastovska,
M. Lutsenko

I. Lastovska,M. Lutsenko. 

It was found, that the highest indicators of live weight gain in the new high tech conditions were received from Volin Meat bulls, which were at the level of 1005 gr per 24 hours. This indicator for Combine Sentimental bulls, were less for 2% and made 984 gr per 24 hours, and for the Black Pockmarked Cattle bulls the average daily weight gains were 961 gr per 24 hours.
The results show that the content of leukocytes in blood was at a level of 8. 51…8. 90х109g/l, intensity of hemoglobin is 116. 4…118. 0 g/l, that shows about the normal physiological condition of experimental animal.
The content of general protein in the blood serum, albumens and globulins show the high resistance of experimental animals’ bodies. The content of ketone bodies in blood on the level of 56. 5…62. 72 мг/л. show the approximate balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat exchange
We discuss animal productivity when they live according to their live weight and fatness. However these indicators do not give show us everything about the meat productivity and meat quality. The most exact and objective data we can receive is only obtained after animal slaughtering.
During the research we established, that the average live weight of control group animal after hunger retention was less, then Experimental I for 9. 3 kg, or 1. 88%(P>0. 95), and for 21. 1 kg or 4. 26% (P>0. 999) compared to the animals of group II. There is also less interior fat in animal carcass of young cattle control group compared to the animals of Experimental group I for 9. 67%(P>0. 95), and Experimental group II for 15. 32% (P>0. 999).
We defined as well, that the most slaughter output was observed on the bulls of Experimental group II volin meat breed, which was at the level of 61. 6% and was more than the similar indicator of Experimental group I for 1. 5%, and of control group for 5. 3%.

Key words: technology, beef, bulls, morphological parameters of blood, live weight, average daily weight gain, meet productivity, slaughter weight, slaughter output.

Productivity of Different Breed Bulls in the Conditions of Innovation Technology of Beef Production.

Issue 2(89), Part 1, 2016