New requirements to the foodstuffs labelling

UDC 641 658.8

DOI: 10.31521/2313-092X/2019-1(101)-15

L. Patryeva
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4242-0519


      An important task of producers is to provide the population of Ukraine with high-quality foodstuffs, which increases the level of consumers’ welfare, improves the health of people.
      The Law of Ukraine “About Information for Consumers regarding Foodstuffs” establishes the legal and organizational principles for giving consumers information about foodstuffs in order to ensure a high level of the citizens’ health protection and to meet their social and economic interests.
      The main innovations of the new law are: obligatory information about foodstuffs should not be concealed or distorted by other text or graphic information; duties of food market operators responsible for informing should be regulated; prohibition of the use of data, particularly in advertising, which can be misleading (concerning qualities and characteristics of products and effect of their consumption, as well as attributing them medical qualities); informing about the content of additives and substances that cause allergies or intolerances; regulation of rules of giving information about foodstuffs that are sold remotely-delivered; informing about whether the food was unfreezed. The name should contain the word “defreezed”; deviation from the obligatory indication of the nutritional value of raw products, or products which don’t need such data for acquiring; the height of small stationary elements, by means of which it is marked, must be equal or exceed 1.2 mm; when using packaging or containers the surface area of ​​which is less than 80 cm2, the height of the small elements should be more than 0.9 mm.
      The implementation of the law makes it possible to provide consumers with information about food products or ingredients, their composition, nutritional value, method of consumption, as well as systematizes the requirements for food information in one law, harmonized with the legislation of the European Union.

      Keywords: draft law, labelling, foodstuffs, product safety.


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