Babachenko L., Moskalenko V., Marchenko A. Recent trends for using digital-marketing tools in business

UDC 658.8:004


L. Babachenko

V. Moskalenko

A. Marchenko


It is stated in the article that in a highly competitive and unsteady economic environment within the country and around the world a business is able to achieve the targets due to applying a wide range of associated marketing tools. It is pointed out that the issue of applying new digital marketing tools, such as a landing page, crowd-marketing and a blog, in order to attract more consumers by the enterprise, remains unexplored. The principle goals are to study the recent trends in the use of digital-marketing tools in the marketing activities within the enterprise in order to communicate more effectively with consumers.
Nowadays, digital space has great potential for engaging people in communication in a new way. In the context of the ever-increasing number of Internet users, there is a growing need for modern marketing tools that allow the application of Internet resources to communicate with consumers and to raise their awareness to promote products and services. Digital marketing has enriched Internet marketing, primarily, with the opportunity to use mobile communication, social networks, web-sites, contextual advertising (pay-per-click), as well as Search Engine Optimization, emailing and media.  At the same time of ensuring the targeting and personification of such influence, owing to the advent of the information society, the effectiveness of marketing activities increases. Digital strategists are becoming the most popular specialism in digital marketing at the moment. Such an expert creates digital strategy of the organisation. They generate teams of experts, allocate budget for campaigns, and conduct necessary tenders. Modern digital-marketers should master a sufficient number of skills. Among them Understanding various mediachannels, anability toidentifyallavailablepossibilitiesandbeing profoundly educated are among them. Apart from, in order to ensure the success of the enterprise, they have to master an ideal balance between critical and creative thinking.
As a result of the conducted research it is stated that nowadays digital technologies are a crucial factor to succeed and promote in each sphere of business. It is suggested in the article that businesses should pay attention to the use of digital marketing channels in marketing activities to promote a product that will give them significant competitive benefits. Such new digital-marketing tools as a blog, crowd-marketing and a landing page that allow the enterprise to get better revenues and open up an international market are emphasised. It is stated about the efficiency of applying the mentioned above digital tools in business, which is confirmed by financial results and indicators.

Keywords: internet-marketing, digital-marketing, digital tools, marketing communication, digital-marketing channels


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