Photosynthetic potential and intensity of flower formation in seed chicory

UDC 633.78:631.547

V. Mykolayko 

Applying of agricultural measures complex as planting schemes, fertilizers and irrigation that provided a significant increase in the intensity of photosynthesis and flower formation of Common Chicory was substantiated in the article. The experiment proved that the leaf surface area of Common Chicory depended on both the area of seed growers nutrition (planting schemes of root crops), use of mineral fertilizers and on the conditions of drip irrigation. The highest leaf surface area (6675 and 6930 cm2) was obtained by using nitrogen and potassium mineral fertilizers with the norm of N45K70 kg/ha of active ingredients, the lowest (6620 and 6802 cm2) by applying only potash fertilizers. Leaf surface area was much bigger in both planting schemes of root crops using drip irrigation compared with control variant without irrigation. It was found that photosynthetic potential in control variant without irrigation by planting scheme of 60х45 cm was 2,04-2,15 mln m2 * days/ha, so the crops are characterized as average. Photosynthetic capacity was more than 3.0 mln m2 * days/ha in other variants, so the crops are considered as good. There was a tendency of photosynthetic capacity increase depending on the use of mineral fertilizers as in the conditions of drip irrigation and without it. It is determined that intensity of flower formation was significantly higher under drip irrigation than in control variant without irrigation. Mineral fertilizers influenced substantially on intensity of flower formation. Regardless of the form and norms of fertilizers, intensity of flower formation was significantly higher than without fertilizers as under irrigation and without its use. Flowers formed in 1,03-1,1 times more while applying nitrogen and potash fertilizers in the norm of N45K70 kg/ha of active ingredients without watering and in 1,7-2,0 times more under drip irrigation than without fertilizers use. Consequently, use of agricultural measures complex provided high root crops survival, optimum density of plants which is close to the plan, formation of more shoots where seeds appear and more amount of flowers on them, increasing of leaf surface area and therefore increasing of photosynthetic capacity of crops and as a result seed productivity enlarging of seed growers of Common Chicory.

Key words: Common Chicory, planting scheme, fertilizers, irrigation, survival, leaf surface area, photosynthetic capacity, flower formation.

Photosynthetic potential and intensity of flower formation in seed chicory

Issue 3(91), 2016