Ways of increasing the productivity of pigs

UDC 636.4.085.27

O. Karunskyi, Doctor of Agrarian Sciences, Professor
I. Nikolenko, postgraduate student
Odessa State Agrarian University

Many people know that Ukraine has always been famous as a “breadbasket of Europe” and this directly facilitated the farmers who breed animals. But with the constant acceleration of new technological developments, the high-level of our land’s fertility becomes inadequate. That’s why more and more new challenges are put before the scientists.
So in order to be competitive not only against neighboring countries but also further abroad, extremely detailed and difficult work must be done to explore all possible means to improve productivity of animal husbandry. One of the experiments to increase the productivity of pigs of Large White breed were conducted at the enterprise of LLC “Avangard-D” in Ovidiopol Region, Odessa Oblast. To conduct this experiment the enzyme preparation of “Lisocyme” was administered to animals. This preparation is in a form of crystalline white powder, odorless and with a weak sweet taste. Lysozyme monomer exhibits strong antibacterial activity against Gram-positive organisms. This phenomenon has found a practical application in the food processing industry, in medicine and pharmaceutical industry. The use of lysozyme in the food processing industry is connected primarily with its application as a natural preservative. The enzyme is widely used as a preservative for meat, fish and their products, for milk and dairy products, as well as for fruit and vegetables. The pharmaceutical industry uses this enzyme in the manufacture of adjuvant drugs for antibiotics and analgesics for viral and bacterial infections, in the treatment of leukemia and neoplastic diseases. Lysozyme is also used as a diagnostic agent, being an indicator of the occurrence and the progression of pathological changes in humans and animals.
The work was done over the different age groups of animals of this breed to determine the effect of this preparation at all stages of pigs development.

Key words: productivity, premix, feeding, pigs, enzyme preparation of “Lisocyme”.

Ways of increase of the productivity of pigs.

Issue 2(90), Part 2, 2016