Mass and linear growth of repair on heifers with different stake of genotype in Holstein breed.

UDC 636.2.034

Т. Pavlova


The results of this study aim to establish the effect on the Holstein breed of the intensity of mass and linear growth of heifers in the RUE herd “Uchkhoz BSAA. ” There were no significant differences between different genotypes on body weight and the average daily gain is not set.
It was found that with increasing the breed for Holstein heifers throughout the growing season increases the height at the width. So in 16 months with the rock chicks 87. 5-100% had a height of 130. 3 cm at the withers, which is 4. 3 cm higher than that of peers with the species and less than 50% (P = 0. 95).
A clear pattern of increasing oblique body length with increasing breed. For 16 months the heifers to intermarry 87. 5-100% significantly outperformed peers with the rock 50% and less than 6. 6 cm (P = 0. 99), while the length of the trunk slanting first was 152. 2 cm, and the second – 145. 6 cm.
With the increase of breed for Holstein heifers increases index prolixity, ie animals with a greater proportion of genotype on the Holsteins have a greater relationship between body length and height. These animals are longer and higher in all stages of development.
Sbitosti index decreases with increasing the proportion of Holstein genotype, animals with a low proportion of genotype Holstein are more massive and short. For animals with high intermarry in 16 months, the index has sbitosti 115. 2% versus 120. 5% in animals with low intermarry.
Most chicks are maturing with the species for Holsteins and 87. 5% higher – 15. 7 months, the animals of the other two groups were inseminated at the age of 16. 1 a month.
There is a tendency to improve the quality of exterior heifers with increasing breed for Holsteins.

Key words: repair heifer, breed, Holstein, measurements, body weight, exterior, maturity, integrity.

Mass and linear growth of repair heifers with the different stake of genotype on a Holstein breed.

Issue 2(90), Part 2, 2016