Distribution of induction in the working gap of axial induction motor

UDC 621.313.333

А. Stavinskii, O. Plakhtyr, О. Palchykov 

Currently, it is increasing the use of electric machines of alternative designs and special designs in a variety of technical and technological facilities. Such machines are axial induction motors with a flat working gap, as well as single and double rotary complements. Using axial motors instead of machines with a cylindrical working gap enables improved fans, compressors, pumps and other mechanisms. One of features of electromagnetic systems axial electric machines is uneven distribution of the magnetic field in the working gap and the active volume due to change of geometrical parameters of the jags and the yokes in the radial direction. This feature requires consideration when selecting the geometric relationships of the magnetic elements and defining characteristics of the machine. The results of the development of a mathematical model of the distribution of induction of the magnetic field in the gap, the jags and the yokes of the stator and rotor along the active length of the asynchronous machine with squirrel-cage rotor and a coiled magnetic core. On the basis of the separation of the active volume elements Tarn coaxial layers and based on the constancy of the magnetic motive force in the winding direction of increasing radius, defined by a system of equations relating to geometric and electromagnetic parameters of axial electromagnetic system. For accounting the magnetic circuit nonlinearity approximation is made of the magnetic characteristics of electrical steel tooth zone and the yoke. On the basis of numerical solution of the developed system used to analyze the effect of magnetic loads and structural and geometric relation-magnetic elements decisions on the distribution of the magnetic field version four-pole motor 550 watts. It has been shown that the reduction in the material capacity of yoke and an electromagnetic motor system as a whole, reaching the combination of induction and increase the use of trapezoidal configurations of sections of the yokes. The developed calculation method allows possibility of considering the peculiarities of the distribution of the magnetic field at the optimizing parametric synthesis of axial induction motors.

Keywords: axial induction motor, induction in the working gap, magnetic-moving force, magnetic circuit.

Distribution of induction in the working gap of axial induction motor

Issue 3(91), 2016