Kulyk M., Syplyva N., Rozhko I., Bozhok Y. Agrobiological specifics of switchgrass seed productivity formation

UDC 631.55:631.559


M. Kulyk

N. Syplyva

I. Rozhko

Y. Bozhok


The study has shown the impact of biometric (quantitative) indicators of a generative part of switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) (length and number of panicles) and weight of 1000 seeds on seed productivity, which determine the total crop yield. It has been established that the percentage of certified seed material yield is related to the vegetation conditions, especially to seed formation and maturation. Swichgrass seed productivity is in close correlation with certified seed yield (r 0.74 …0.80). It has been found out that if switchgrass is planted on fertile lands, 26% of its seed productivity depends on the height of the plants (correlation coefficient is r 0.51) and 23% of its seed productivity depends on the number of stems (correlation coefficient is r 0.48. The use of pre-stratified and calibrated seeds with subsequent treatment of the seed material with humic substances increases the laboratory germination of switchgrass seeds by 36.7% and the field germination of such seeds by the 29.6% if planted on fertile soils and by 19.5% and 32.6% respectively if planted on marginal lands.

Keywords: soils, seeds, precipitations, switchgrass, air temperature, growth environment, productivity.


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