Assessment of the energy potential of bioenergy crops in Kherson region

Number, year
3(79), Vol. 1, 2014
UNC 338:633

E.M. Fedorchuk. Assessment of the energy potential of bioenergy crops in Kherson region

 In this article it is presented the estimation of energy potential of biomass, which can be obtained from energy crops on the scale of Kherson region.

The present assessment is based on a comprehensive statistical method that involves the separation of biomass potential in three main types: theoretically possible (theoretically), available technical (technical), and economically viable (economic). Variation of the potentials in the past periods had been analyzed and prognosis for the future had been made. The existing approaches and methodology for assessing the energy biomass had been considered.

In this article the main energy crops, suitable for cultivation in the South of Ukraine were determined. For energy crops should be used half of free arable land in the region, that is 105-130 thousand hectares. The study conducted on the trial ground of Kherson State Agricultural University in 2006-2011, is devoted to the introduction of new bioenergy plants in the Southern Ukraine. The research findings show that the following species displayed a higher degree of naturalization: feed sorrel (Rumex variety), feed mallow (Cornella variety), hybrid mallow, and woad. Growing energy crops can give agricultural enterprises more benefits. Through the realization of the economic potential of energy crops, Kherson region can meet up to 5% of the total demand from primary energy. Given the high dependence of Ukraine on expensive imported fuels, it is clear that the use of solid biomass of agricultural origin is a major means of strengthening energy security. On the basis of calculations, agricultural enterprises were considered as possible manufacturers and suppliers of feedstock for bioenergy and as active participants in the energy market.

 E.M. Fedorchuk. Assessment of the energy potential of bioenergy crops in Kherson region.