Veterinary sanitation testing of blackwall products for the presence of chlamydia in cattle 

UDC 619:616.98:579.882.11

I. Fomchenko


As a result of research, on the indexes of activity of enzyme of peroxidaza and presence in meat of primary disintegration of proteins, the meat of healthy animals and cows did not differentiate with the problems of the liver. Coinciding with this, substantial distinctions were marked in the indexes of reaction to the environment (рН), so an index of рН meat from animals with the problems of the liver was 6,5+0,19, that it is peculiar for meat of sick animals. The concentration of hydrogen ions was constantly higher in the process of ripening as compared to control on 0,2 units, that specified on lowering of maintenance of glycogen in muscular fabric of sick cows. The decline in activity of peroxidaza was marked at the same time. A formol reaction and reaction with a blue vitriol gave doubtful results. This data is not concerning the quality of the beef, got from animals patient with a clamidiosis. In meat of animals of patients by a clamidiosis maintenance of toxic elements and radionukliotids less PDK.
The analysis of data showed, iron in meat of healthy animals on 10% higher, than for animals at that a clamidiosis is set. The table of contents of Niacinum in meat of patients of animals makes 4,96 mgs/of 100 g, that below than his maintenance in meat healthy on 0,16 mgs/100 g. Fats behave to the major organic components of meat . They stipulate a food and power value, giving the meat a peculiar taste and aroma. For animals that a clamidiosis is set temperature of hardening below 2,6° With and iodic number below on 1,0. It is related to operating of causative agent of clamidiosis on the organism of animals.
Thus, meat and internal organs are found inanimals at that a clamidiosis is set by serum and behaves as a microscopic method to the semi-condemned, and in connection with protracted. The long (1. 5-9 mon. ) persistence сhlamydia in parenchymatous organs: in order to prevent human infection prevention and spread the pathogen chlamydia slaughtering sick animals should produce sanitary blowing massacre or slaughter shop at the end of a shift in a personal рro prevention and subsequent disinfection of premises, equipment, inventory and сhase tools.

Key words: Veterinary-sanitary examination, chlamydia, cattle.

Veterinary-sanitary examinationof products of backwall of cattle is at the disease of chlamydia.

Issue 2(90), Part 2, 2016

The use of herbal adaptogen to enhance the protective properties of the organism of animals

UDC 619: 615. 322

V. Kondakova,
D. Gotovs’kiy,
I. Fomchenko


Modern technologies of cultivation of animals and birds are composed of several integral technological elements (artificial microclimate, frequent change of feed, move, and regroup, weighing, vaccination, introduction of drugs, surgical operations), which can act on the body as stress factors.
Prolonged exposure to stress factors often leads to reduced productivity, the keeping of animals and the emergence of various pathologies. In veterinary practice to prevent stress  several drugs are used that belong to various pharmacological groups, is mostly antipsychotics and tranquilizers, and organic adaptogens of vegetable origin, vitamins. However, it is believed that, of all pharmacological groups listed the best stress-protective effects have adaptogens of plant origin. To improve the adaptive properties of young farm animals proposed application of biostimulator «tincture of Echinacea purpurea», which is having a positive impact on the resistance, the safety and productivity of calves, piglets, broilers and turkeys.
In particular it is established that the use of the biostimulator calves contributed to the increase in the content of albumin, immunoglobulins, calcium, red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood, compared to animals of the control group, which the biostimulator was not applied. Also noted adaptogen positive effect on live weight of calves, which are superior to their peers.
A similar trend was noted when using the biostimulator pigs. It was established the increasing level of total protein, albumin and immunoglobulins in the blood of experimental piglets compared to control group. Also established a positive influence of biostimulant on the phagocytic activity of neutrophils and productivity of piglets.
When using biostimulator for factory chickens increased the average daily weight gain, feed conversion, reduction of sanitary marriage and mortality compared to the control chickens, which during the cultivation period did not receive an adaptogen.
When using an adaptogen to turkeys has been a positive influence of biostimulant on the indices of protein, carbohydrate, fat and mineral metabolism. The use of the tincture of Echinacea purpurea also has a positive impact on the productivity and safety of turkeys.

The use of herbal adaptogen to enhance the protective properties of the organism of animals.

Issue 2(89), Part 1, 2016