Indicators of formation economic security

UDC 338.43(477):339.9

O. Vyshnevska, Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences
O. Кhrystenko, Master of Accounting and Finance Department
Mykolayiv National Agrarian University

A summary of the results of collective expert assessment of formation of indicators of economic security of the country in the interconnectedness of all influencing factors. Grounded priority of macroeconomic indicators and the food, social and demographic factors influence in ensuring the economic security of the country, taking into account the impact of globalization. It revealed the priority of monetary, foreign economic, fiscal and debt, investment and innovation indicators.
Creating conditions to guarantee economic security is the basis of its development, growth position in the global environment in terms of global competitiveness. That is why the priority indicators due importance from the perspective of each group in terms of impact on the competitive position of the state.
Determined that because of the influence of factors of global environment and internal threats related to the military conflict in the east, low GDP growth and effective demand, inflation, growth of external debt of the country, the state of the banking system and reduce world prices for commodity exports, the country’s position in the world ranking characterized by a decline in global competitiveness for 2016.
Provided that the basis for economic security are the macro-economic, food and social and demographic security, investigation of which is to guarantee monetary, fiscal and debt, investment and innovation, foreign security. Experts due to the need to assess the environmental indicator considering the growing impact of environmental threats and increased negative trends in the environment in all regions of the world.
As a result of peer review, which was conducted Masters Accounting and Finance Department, determined that the formation of the prerequisites to guarantee economic security has a significant impact food and macroeconomic factors, socio-demographic criteria. Ensuring economic security should be based on the implementation of systematic measures aimed at macroeconomic stabilization, creation of preconditions for improving living standards due to the growth rate of national economic development and strengthen the position in shaping food security and reduce import dependence.
Due to the conditions of guaranteeing national economic security by ensuring a balance of interests between the state and society taking into account the depth and scope of internal and external risks, including environmental issues.

Key words: economic security, globalization, economic risks national interests, the priority indicators.

Indicators of formation economic security.

Issue 4 (92), 2016