The importance of agroholdization in the socio and economic development of Ukrainian rural areas

UDC 334.78:631.145:338.432(477)

I. Cherven
S. Pavliuk

Subject. In the article the influence agroholdization agrarian sector of Ukraine on socio and economic development of rural areas is discussed. It was analyzed the state of operation of agricultural holdings in Ukraine. Peculiarities of agroholdings which deal with crop production and animal husbandry, and especially their contribution to food security and rural development are considered.
Purpose. The aim is to study the impact agroholdization and to provide proposals to strengthen the social focus of their activities on social and economic development of the rural areas.
Research methods. In the research process the author used approaches and methods of economic researches assisting to the achievement of the most thorough and truthful results. The system approach and summing up were used in the research of theoretical basis of agricultural holdings operation. The monographic method was applied in comparison of different scientists’ approaches to clear up the problems of influence of agricultural holdings activities on rural development.
Research results. It was determined that despite of the positive impact of agricultural holdings activities on production development, agricultural holdings activities have significant and negative impact on the socio and economic development of rural areas. And it leads to increased rural social problems.
Results application sphere. In the article the conclusion and proposals have practical meaning and can be used for the working out the necessary preconditions and implementation principles for coordination of agricultural holdings operation and rural development strategy on balanced basis.

Key words: agriculture, socio and economic development, agricultural holdings, land use, ru-ral areas.

The importance of agroholdization in the socio and economic development of Ukrainian rural areas.

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Issue №1 (93), 2017

The world practice of state regulation of rural development

UDC 349.414:332.33

S. Pavliuk

The study subject. The article discusses the key features of the world experience of regulation of rural areas and rural development policies used in the developed world. Analyzed the basic concepts of government support rural development in the European Union and the United States and provides basic common and distinctive features of public policy accordingly. Considered in retrospect public policy to regulate the development of rural areas in the European Union and the United States.
The article purpose. The study aims to determine the substance and courses of state regulation of rural areas in developed countries.
The research methods. In the process of the research the author used methods of economic researches assisting to the achievement of the most thorough and truthful results: system approach and summing up were used in the research of theoretical basis, legislative and other normative and lawful acts were used concerning the regulation of rural territories development, the reform of bodies of the self-government system; the monographic method was used while comparing of different scientists’ approach to clearing up the questions of regulation of the rural territories development.
The research results. Determined that the national policy of socio-economic development of rural areas should be based on the achievements of national science and certainly take into account the experience of foreign countries in the extent to which they can adapt to the realities of Ukraine.
The sphere of results application. The conclusion and propositions exposed in the article have practical meaning and can be used for the working out and argumentation of the rural territories development strategy.

Keywords: rural development policy, rural areas, international experience, government programs.

The world practice of state regulation of rural development.

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Comprehensive evaluation of production development of perennial grasses

1(82), 2015
UNC 338.43:633.2

І. Cherven, N. Tsurkan

Introduction. Cost-effective production of agrarian products requires the obligatory improvement of cropping acreage structure to improve soil fertility. The livestock base must be taken into account at the same time and the needs of the livestock in the forage, including herbs. The aim of our study is a comprehensive assessment of the perennial grasses’ production development in the South of Ukraine and determining the amount of acreage of these crops which are necessary to ensure the needs of cattle in forage. The results of the research. The state of production development of perennial grasses on farms of the South of Ukraine is analyzed in retrospect. It is found out that the scientifically based standards of the structure of crop rotations are violated. It is established that in the conditions of uncontrolled business farmers are oriented towards the production of more profitable and marketable crop production, ignoring scientific standards and the world’s experience in agricultural production. At the same time the proportion of the areas of forage crops, including perennial grasses for hay and green fodder in the structure of total sown area in the South of Ukraine (1-2% at the rate of 8-10% in the rotation) remains unreasonably low. This also affects the deterioration of soil fertility. From year to year due to the lack of acreage of perennial leguminous grasses, such as alfalfa and sainfoin, the loss of organic nitrogen, is increaser while could have been accumulated in the soil, thereby reducing the use of chemical nitrogen fertilizers by growing the following crops in rotation after perennial grasses. The total reduction in the sown area to fodder crops is characterized by the simultaneous increase in the proportion of areas of perennial grasses, mainly legumes, in their structure. Insufficient quantity of areas for herbs reduces the production of forage production of these high protein crops, which slows down the development of livestock in the Southern Steppe and negatively affects the economic performance of the industry. In this regard, the simulation model of the number of cattle in this area up to 2020, is developed and also the calculation of the required areas under perennial grasses (for example, alfalfa) is carried out, on the basis of their normative consumption in terms of metabolic energy. All predicted indicators were obtained by following the trends that have occurred in these industries in recent years. It is set that keeping the same acreage of the total cultivated area, the proportion of the predicted area under perennial grasses in 2020 will meet scientifically-based standards (9,3%). Conclusion. The revival and development of the production of perennial grasses will allow sloving the complicated problem of how to improve the fertility of soils of the South of Ukraine, and enhance forage base for livestock. (more…)

Щодо розвитку ринку сільськогосподарських угідь в Україні

Номер, рік
1(77), 2014


І.І. Червен, доктор економічних наук, професор
М.І. Кареба, кандидат економічних наук
Миколаївський національний аграрний університет

Розглянуто сутність та значення ринку земель і його сучасний стан в Україні. Виявлено існуючі проблеми і недоліки, які пов’язані з відсутністю відрегульованої законодавчої бази, тіньовим оборотом земель, недосконалістю орендних відносин. Визначено основні напрямки їх усунення: прийняття Закону “Про ринок земель” та інших законів, які передбачають всі правила користування землями сільськогосподарського призначення, їх купівлі продажу і контролю; здійснення консолідації сільськогосподарських угідь.

Ключові слова
ринок земель, мораторій, консолідація, земельні відносини, податки, оренда, капітал

Активізація інноваційної діяльності – найважливіший напрямок підвищення ефективності аграрного виробництва

Номер, рік
2(72), 2013


І.І. Червен, доктор економічних наук, професор
М.І. Кареба, кандидат економічних наук
Миколаївський національний аграрний університет

Висвітлено особливості сільського господарства та їх вплив на інноваційну діяльність. Проаналізовано динаміку інвестицій в сільське господарство України (як усіх, так і іноземних), а також і по її регіонах. Запропоновано цілу низку конкретних заходів щодо покращення інвестиційної діяльності.

Ключові слова
інновації, активізація, ефективність, інвестиційна діяльність, аграрне виробництво