Changes in the composition of the bioceramic protective layers using technology «artificial cuticle (ARTICLE)».

UDC 635. 21:631. 442. /4+633

O. Bordunova,
O. Astrakhantseva,
R. Denysov,
O. Lupinova,
V. Chivanov


In spite of the improvement of technology in hens eggs incubation, which consist of pre-incubation treatment of eggs of hens using bioactive substances, disinfectants, pharmacological active substances, the much used equation, the mechanism of interaction of these specimens with bioceramic eggshell layers, which generally presented by calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is still open to question.
We can find more and more articles about excessive adsorption of calcium carbonate of eggshells.
This fact help us to have the supposition that the stimulate mechanism of water in bioactive substances based on water composition, that after absorption the calcium mass of eggshell can change important parameters of embryo development like gas permeability and heat exchange.
Investigation of the composition of biocrystalline eggshell layers of organic and inorganic origin is important at control and optimization of embryo development.
It is proved that the level of moisture and the existence of some water at biocrystalline eggshell layer, stimulate the protective barrier system of egg and provide optimal incubation.
Low levels of moisture in the hatcher is very dangerous for developing embryos.
Authors thought that it was important to investigate the quantity of water at biocrystalline eggshell layers by new physio-chemical methods, and also to study the influence of water solutions to the above mentioned rate, which are used at pre-incubation treatment technology “artificial cuticle”.
It is established that the consequence of using technology “artificial cuticle” for pre-incubation treatment biocrystalline eggshell layers of egg-laying breed Lohmann Brown for 20 days absorb and keep the quantity of water that exceed control rate by 8-10 times.
“Artificial cuticle” eggshell treatment also provides increased levels of hydrogen and carbon dioxide for eggshell wage rate.
Thermal destruction of inorganic calcite composition (CaCO3) of biocrystalline eggshell layers of control and experimental models are not distinguished.
Authors express the supposition that stimulation of the embryos development during the pre-incubation period by bioactive solution stipulated by balance change “liquid phase-crystalline phase” of eggshell, which have an influence on gas permeability and heat exchange of embryos.

Key words: incubation, hen’s eggs, technology “Artificial cuticle”, pre-incubation treatment.

Changes at composition of bioceramic protective layers using of technology «artificial cuticle (ARTICLE)».(текст статті)

Issue 2(89), Part 1, 2016